Taxi Stockholm’s Unusual City Guide

Swedish cab firm Taxi Stockholm has launched Taxi Trails, a new website for tourists that uses data from millions of taxi journeys to highlight the top destinations in the city.


Designed by Swedish ad agency King, the site aims to offer tourists a guide based not on the opinion of critics but on the places where local residents really go. The site features a map of the city with the areas visited highlighted by ‘heat’ – the more orange an area is, the more of a ‘hotspot’ it is.



Searches can be refined to look at the most popular destinations over the last week and also the journeys taken from certain areas of the city, so audiences can see where the ‘posh’ (those from Östermalm) or ‘hip’ (from Södermalm) people go and follow them. There is info on restaurants and tourists sites in the various areas, and the option, of course, of booking a cab to get you there.

Taxi Trails is a fun project and a different take on the city guide concept. Various brands have been trying to own the online tourist guide over the last few years, but usually these sites fall flat, due mainly to a lack of real content that would be of use to a genuine tourist. I don’t know Stockholm well enough to know whether Taxi Stockholm has got that content right here, but its basis in data is an interesting twist on a familiar idea, and feels like it offers some credibility. Whether tourists will actually use the site instead of Time Out and its equivalents remains to be seen, however.

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This article originally appeared in Creative Review.

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