Dogs Have It Good In These Cities

Your pup’s adorable mug might make it hard to admit this, but having a dog is expensive. That is, according to where you live, as new research from Redfin reveals.

The real estate site teamed up with Trupanion and Rover to find the real cost of canine care across the country. The three sites looked at the cost of a dog-friendly rental, the average cost of health care for a dog, and the cost of pet sitting in 116 major US cities, to determine the most expensive, and least expensive, cities for dog owners.

And according to their findings, San Francisco is the most expensive city (because, of course) followed by Fort Lauderdale, Florida in second place. On the other end of the scale, Redfin ranked Phoenix, Arizona and The Woodlands in Texas as the least expensive cities to raise a pup.

Check out the infographic below for more of Redfin’s findings on where it will (and won’t) cost you to own a dog.



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