Apple WWDC 2015 : Solutions For The Urbanites

Apple’s WWDC 2015 has begun. The annual event where Apple launches new releases, major updates and products and where engineers, developers, designers, geeks, enthusiasts and investors gather together to exchange ideas and learn what’s new. It started off last Monday, June 8, and will continue up to June 12, 2015 in San Francisco.


On this year’s WWDC, its 26th year so far, Apple has made major announcements in their growing product ecosystem; Including the new OS X, El Capitan and iOS 9, updates for Watch, Pay and other cool features.

As the world gets more and more urbanised each day, Apple keeps up with the pace by creating products and solutions that cater to the needs of the urban dweller. Here’s a look at some of the announcements this WWDC that appeals to the urbanites.



Apple has now integrated public transportation maps in their own Maps. By using Transit in Maps, users in select cities can now see the stations and lines for the trains, buses and ferries. When users also plot out their travel route, directions, guide and estimated travel time will also be provided by Maps.

Transit will initially be rolled out in the following cities in US and Europe.


As well as in 300 cities all over China including the following:

Aside from the Transit guides, Maps will now have the Nearby feature which enables users to see notable locations around the area including shops and restaurants supporting Apple Pay.





Speaking of Pay, Apple will extend the distribution and support to the UK effective this July. There will be new partner establishments in the UK such as JC Penney and Trader Joe’s. In addition to that, users will now be able to use London’s public transportation system with Apple Pay; a first of its kind.

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Payment networks will also include American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discover. The mobile payments and financial services company Square is also working with Apple to create devices compatible with Pay.





With the talk on the Internet Of Things and Smart Homes on the news, Apple has also expanded its HomeKit platform. Users will now be able to control and adjust their window shades, sensors, and security systems in addition to thermostat, lights and other HomeKit devices. It will connected via iCloud which enables users to access and control their homes using their devices anytime, anywhere.

In the future, I believe we can expect more products and solutions from Apple that will especially cater to us urban dwellers.


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