How Public Feedback Transformed Auckland’s Bus Shelters

Auckland bus shelters are set for a new design following public feedback.


During July and August 2014 Auckland Transport asked for public feedback on three new bus shelter designs that were being trialled on Symonds Street in the city.

Auckland Transport’s Group Manager AT Metro Mark Lambert says the level of interest in the trial shelters was very encouraging with 856 feedback responses received.

“Public feedback helped us gauge how the community felt about the trial designs and gave us some ideas how to make Auckland’s new bus shelter even more appealing to bus users.”

The designs were assessed against a range of criteria, such as public feedback, value for money, customer comfort, durability, and ease of construction.

Shelter A is the final choice. Mr Lambert says it’s attractive, adaptable, innovative, safe and comfortable.

The new shelter will help to create a more recognisable bus network and it will make life much more pleasant for everyone who uses the buses.

The shelter is a modular system so it can be configured to reflect local settings by using different sizes and layouts, building the shelter out of materials that reflect local character and attaching or inscribing art work on the shelter.

The new shelter will gradually be rolled out across Auckland from the middle of the year.


This article is adapted from Auckland Transport.


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