The Subway System New Yorkers Have Been Waiting For

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo reveals his plan for a redesign to the city’s subway system to the press.

New York city subway system today.
New York city subway system today. Image Source : robertmanni

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled details of a $27-billion redesign plan that would address some of these issues. “New York deserves a world-class transportation network worthy of its role as the heartbeat of the 21st-century economy,” Cuomo said in a press release. “The MTA design team developed a bold and visionary re-imagining of the quintessential commuter experience, incorporating best practices from global transit systems, and focusing on our core mission to renew, enhance, and expand.”

This 5-year expansion plan adds 1,025 new subway cars along with new/upgraded features such as: wider doors, LED headlights, digital signage, USB chargers, flip up seats, and Wi-Fi. Of these, 750 cars will have an open passage design, meaning that commuters will be able to walk and have access to each interconnected cars of the train. All of this is to improve commuter flow when entering and exiting the train and because of the open design, would fit more passengers inside.

Renderings of the exteriors and interiors of the new car designs which are pictured below is expected to be ready by 2020:

Subway Render 3


Subway Render 2


Subway Render 1

Along with these new subway train redesigns are improvements to how commuters interact with and navigate the subway system overall.

Subway Infrastructure 1


Subway Infrastructure 2


Subway Infrastructure 3


Subway Infrastructure 4


This feature originally appeared in Citylab.





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