The First Solar-Powered Town Will Come From Down Under

The push to go green is in full swing. This steadily increasing trend has pushed industries and the whole world forward. Cities becoming smarter. Businesses becoming more responsible. Cars becoming cleaner. One thing that has always been coveted by countries is a source of clean, sustainable energy. Such a source is Solar Power. Despite some recent disconcerting news, advances in solar power research is going and we might see the first solar-powered town rise up soon.

In a recent report, the first ever solar-powered “tesla town” built from the ground up will soon rise in Melbourne, Australia. YarraBend—now rising in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, just four miles from the city’s central business district—will encompass a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments totaling 2,500 units, each equipped with energy-efficient lighting and appliances, a solar roof, and a built-in Tesla Powerwall.

Glenvill—the project’s developer—blended holistic wellness, technological innovation, and cosmopolitan living in designing the eco-conscious enclave, which will span 40 acres surrounded by parklands along the Yarra River.

YarraBend - Tesla Suburb - Map

Denizens will belong to a “Smartwired community” buoyed by high-speed Internet, a complimentary tech concierge, and an app that offers an array of conveniences and amenities, from public transportation timetables and home-delivery menus to carpool arrangements.

YarraBend - Tesla Suburb - Connected Tech App

The project will host green spaces including an elevated park called the Paper Trail. Numerous childrens’ playgrounds and sports facilities—from multipurpose courts to swimming pools and a full gymnasium—will also be scattered throughout the expanse.

YarraBend - Tesla Suburb - Sports Court

The Alphington Train Station is only a five minute walk and offers drivers easy access to the Eastern Freeway. Nearby buses run to Queen Victoria Market and Melbourne University, are just 15 minutes away.

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YarraBend Tesla Suburb Commute

Premium homes—priced between $1.48 million and $2.1 million—are slated to go on sale this week, with tenants expected to be able to move in by the end of next year.

YarraBend - Tesla Suburb - Bedroom Rendering

YarraBend - Tesla Suburb - Kitchen Rendering

YarraBend - Tesla Suburb - Backyard Rendering


This feature was researched from Forbes.





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The First Solar-Powered Town Will Come From Down Under