The Robot Revolution Is Upon Us, Invading… Our Kitchen

Food — Everyone eats it and with a vast selection of different types of dishes at offer, we can all agree that we love it. While everyone loves food, not everyone wants and knows how to cook it. This has become a natural phenomenon especially in today’s fast-paced living, long-hour grinding urban city dwellers.


Some of the most common excuses I hear from friends and other people range from ‘it’s too hard to prepare the ingredients’ to ‘I always mess up the recipe’ which are valid and understandable reasons and then there are some that just makes me cringe and makes me want to slap them silly with a nice wooden spoon when I heard them say ‘why cook food when you can eat out?’ to the worse one of all, ‘I am just too lazy to do it.’



I’m of the opinion that everyone should know how to cook and I mean EVERYONE regardless of whether you are guy or a gal, old or young, cooking is one of those life skills that all of us should have under our belt. No one is asking you to be Anthony Bourdain but at least try to learn the basics. Know how to properly fry an egg “over easy” to cooking your pasta “al dente” style. From there, you can build up to hosting your first backyard barbecue to baking your first cake for your hubby/lady.

The possibilities for preparing food are endless and the ingredients you can use are so vast and diverse, you will a hard time determining what to try first but, alas, not everyone is of the same mindset and possess the same level of enthusiasm as the rest of us wannabe chefs.

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Good news for people who dread cooking as soon they might be able to purchase for themselves, a fully-automated kitchen run by their very own personal robot chef. Moley Robotics, a UK-based company has created the world’s first fully-automated kitchen run by a robot. This concept is nothing new and has been done bebartday-homemaker-2-002-336x280fore. What makes this special is that your robot chef wont just cook your meals but it can also learn new recipes and best of all, it cleans up after itself.

These robot hands are equipped with multiple precise sensors that enable it to be aware of its surrounding and prepare your desired food and clean up after itself when you are done. The A.I. (artificial intelligence) inside it is responsible for learning new recipes for you and through the use of motion capture technology, can mimic the movements of an actual chef. Tim Anderson, winner of the popular cooking reality show Master Chef has already collaborated with the Moley team to teach the robot new recipes.


“Imagine someone like Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver cooking for you in your kitchen. Imagine dishes from Top Michelin Restaurants cooked in front of you to the highest standard, not in your kitchen, but by your kitchen,” a Moley press release teases. “Thanks to artificial intelligence, it can mimic the actions of a master chef precisely, bringing a variety of delicious dishes, cooked to the highest of standards in a domestic kitchen.”

Moley Robotics has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise $1.2 million for this technology and so far has reach nearly half of its goal. The company hopes to reach its goal soon and release a prototype model by 2018.

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“Imagine you are buying a flat and the option is to have a regular kitchen or a robotic kitchen — it is clear which option you would choose,” Moley founder Mark Oleynik said in the release. “The success of our prototype makes us very excited. The future is very near.”


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