Travel Destinations For 2017: Penny Pincher Edition

Another year, another opportunity to travel and see the world. Traveling can be a great experience but is also a costly endeavor. Not everyone has the financial capacity to go on extravagant, extended tours around the world. Depending on where you live, your “list” may be limited but you will still be able to enjoy traveling on a fairly controlled budget.

Below is a list of some good choices for budget travelers which offer great value for the money.

Michigan Upper Peninsula, USA

A gem among Midwesteners, Michigan’s upper peninsula is casual and relaxed getaway for would-be goers offering a view into its natural beauty with waterfalls, historic lighthouses, beaches and lake shores stretching hundreds of miles and some of the country’s oldest forest. It is a great destination all year round with reasonable prices and crowds are hardly excessive so you can just wander and enjoy the landscape.


Nepal has suffered from earthquakes and a fuel strike recently which made its accessibility rather difficult but it is slowly recovering. It has always been a popular choice for people who likes trekking and basking in wildlife and natural scenery which is open and available to the public for a mere $50 a day. Better yet, all the income being derived from tourist visits directly benefit the families and communities who could use the help to recover and get back up.

Bellarine Peninsula, Australia

Aside from the popular Port Lonsdale Lighthouse landmark along with historic towns and multiple beaches, the Ballerine Peninsula has a lot to offer to both local and tourists in terms of attractions and things to do. Two recently added attractions, the Jack Rabbit Vineyard and Flying Brick Cider Co adds to its food and drink scene and will be a popular itinerary for foodies and wine aficionados.

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Namibia’s dollar has been declining in value in recent years and while it may be bad news for its economy, it is a great opportunity for tourist to visit and experience the country’s local attractions. Wildlife spotting in Etosha National Park, hiking through Fish River Canyon, and sand surfing at the Sossusvlei Dunes along with the beautiful night sky view. There are plenty of activities to do in Namibia and it wont cost you an arm or a leg to enjoy it all.


Russia will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup and with it, comes the expected surge in visitors and price hikes. This year however, tourist are taking advantage of the current lull along with the country’s fluctuating currency to travel there while the costs are comparatively lower and enjoy the attractions. One such is the Trans-Siberian Railway and its over 9 kilometer long stretch can be rode end to end for relatively cheap right now.

Porto, Portugal

With budget airliners across Europe and a few direct flights from the US offering affordable access to it, Porto deserves more attention than it has. With affordable accommodations, the city’s signature hearty sandwich – the Francesinha –  and inexpensive tours to wine caves and vineyards to vintage tram rides, one will enjoy their stay in Portugal’s second largest city.


Morocco offers an exotic and low cost experience for travelers from the frantic shop-filled medinas and cheap accommodations of Marrakesh, surfing along the coastline surrounded by 18th century medieval-like walls of Essaouira, to the port city of Tangier – the gateway into Europe – which is seeing a renaissance of art, culture, and old buildings and structures. Just be mindful of your belongings and always travel in groups. The experience borders on the side of danger but it is one like no other.

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Lagoon City, Venice, Italy

Venice is not one of the destinations that come to mind when talking about “budget” with visitors and travelers coming in hopes to visit the scenic and romantic city of Lagoon with 40-minutes rides around the city costing upwards of $100 depending on the season and time of day. With the rising popularity of AirBnB and similar services, it has now become a much more attractive choice for budget travelers since it saves them some money and transport time in and out of the city.

Belize, Central America

Go diving or snorkeling in the Caribbean, visit the Mayan ruins in Caraco, and eat delicious, good value street food, head south to Placencia and Hopkins if you want a more laid-back time at the beach. With plenty of activities and cheap eats, Belize has a lot to offer and it wont cost too much to enjoy it all.

Debrecen, Hungary

Budapest is the city of choice for most travelers but Debrecen is the place to be to enjoy Hungary on a budget. If Budapest is known for its architecture, romantic scenery, and bustling nightlife, Debrecen offers travelers a look into the past and history of Hungary. The city is near the country’s puszta (eastern plains), home of the Hungarian Cowboys and Hortobagy National Park.

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