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Here Are The Best Cities For Digital Nomads

 The one thing truest about technology is that it is always evolving. These days, technology is more accessible than ever, which means those who love to travel can now take their technology with them in ways they never could before. People of all generations are realizing that they no longer have to be stuck in one place in order to make a living, which is precisely why they’ve found ways to take their work with them on the road. Hence why the term “digital nomad” was born.

Not familiar with the word pairing? According to Web Work Travel, by definition, a digital nomad is someone who uses technology to earn a living and go about their everyday activities no matter where they are. Digital nomads typically travel a whole lot, never staying in one place for too long.

Of course, certain jobs are more nomad-friendly than others. Bloggers, for example, can easily travel the country while keeping up with their sites. You can learn more about starting your own blog by clicking here. In other cases, nomads maintain office-based jobs by using applications that allow them to travel while still working.

That being said, certain cities stand out among the rest, for various reasons, when it comes to accommodating digital nomads and their lifestyles. Check out the list below of the best cities for digital nomads in 2017.

Santa Monica, California

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While Los Angeles may get all the hype in sunny California, you’re much better off skipping Hollywood and heading to Santa Monica instead. Why? Well for one, you can still experience the ocean-front feel of Southern California without always feeling like a tourist. Santa Monica may be the one place on this list where it’s practically impossible not to feel relaxed while you work. However, it seems the most popular jobs listed in Santa Monica with potential for digital nomads were in entertainment, publishing, fitness, law, technology, and education.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana may be the best place to go in the United States if you want to feel like you’re visiting another country, without ever leaving the mainland. The food alone is enough to bring people from all over to the bustling city, as is the incredible night life. Do I even need to mention Mardi Gras? While the parties are certainly over-the-top and life-changing, New Orleans is undoubtedly a city that digital nomads can settle comfortably into.

Additionally, New Orleans makes a great place for digital nomads because it’s a city well-known for supporting companies involved in oil and energy, transportation, healthcare, finances, and defense. One more bonus: the food is divine. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to find fresher, better prepared seafood anywhere else in the United States. There’s just something about those cajun restaurants serving up authentic Creole cuisine that will make you wonder why it took you so long to get to New Orleans in the first place.

Dallas, Texas

If your passion is business, Dallas, Texas is the place to be. Dallas is home to huge world-renowned corporations as well as small start-ups and reputable universities. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, so you can bet opportunities are too. That being said, it should be noted that while most things certainly are bigger in Texas, the price tag doesn’t have to be one of them. Dallas has found a way to stay current and relevant, making the city digital nomad-friendly, without making you pay a ton for it. If you’re on a budget but want a big bang for your buck, Dallas should be at the top of your list.

Miami, Florida

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Perhaps the most obvious reason digital nomads would travel to Miami, Florida would be the weather. You can brag to all your friends, family, and co-workers who are suffering through blistering snowstorms that you spend your days strolling on the beach, soaking up the sun in warm, breezy weather.

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But more than that, according to BBC, Miami is home to one of the fastest growing art scenes in the world. There’s also the excitement of the frequent celebrity visitors thanks to the bustling night life that never seems to end. While all that may seem fun, Miami has turned into quite the professional location to work. Panther Coffee seems to be the shop listed most often regarding specific places to work, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a local joint that wouldn’t welcome a digital nomad needing a spot to sit down and focus. Miami just may be the place to be, for however long you decide to stay.

Seattle, Washington

If “green” is more your thing, head northwest to Seattle, Washington. Unlike Miami, there’s a lot less warm and sunny weather and a lot more picturesque rain, but most people don’t exactly travel to Seattle for the weather. Seattle is where you can find the headquarters for Amazon and Microsoft, so if you’re at all interested in tech and software, Seattle is perhaps the best place to draw some inspiration. Other companies like Starbucks and JP Morgan Chase call Seattle home.

If you’re the kind of digital nomad looking to do work for a financial or real estate business that is globally-friendly, head to Seattle.

Tucson, Arizona

This list couldn’t be made without mentioning Tucson, Arizona. If you’re the type with any interest at all in aviation and aerospace, healthcare, technology or defense, Tucson is the plan to be. That being said, there’s a reason the Tucson area is known as “Optics Valley.” More than 150 companies are running locally in the optics industry. Tucson’s economy is fueled by tourists, which means digital nomads can feel comfortable situated no matter where in Tucson they find themselves temporarily settling.

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