We all know that Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular games, and to attract players multiple cities from all over have been converted to gambling paradises. But how do we know which ones are the best, that is why we are here for, we made a short but substantial list of the best cities in the planet to play Blackjack in. We tried to get every continent involved, so here it goes.


3. Monte Carlo, Monaco

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The name Monte Carlo is synonym of class and distinction, and that is just what you get when enter one of their legendary casinos, a taste of luxury and highlife, just like the one James Bond loves to flash in his movies. In Monte Carlo you will find gamblers from all over the world, but Europeans are the majority in these gambling facilities. Monte Carlo is a part of the Principality of Monaco, just south of France. So if you are ever around Europe and have the time, go to Monte Carlo and play some Live Blackjack, it’s very worth your time.


2. Macau, China

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From Europe we go to Asia, and it’s no surprise that China is part of this list. The emerging giant has become relevant in almost every aspect of modern life, and Blackjack was not going to be the exception. This city’s economy is based on the revenues that casinos produce, and of course we are talking about millions. Macau has 33 casinos up till now, and seven of those rank amongst the 20 largest in the planet. Pretty impressive, huh? Macau is an Asian version of Las Vegas, with all the biggest brands well represented on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, including Venetian, MGM Grand, and Sands.


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1. Las Vegas, United States

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This comes as no surprise, we know it already, but it’s the truth, there is no better place in the whole world better to play Blackjack. Las Vegas is one the most popular vacation destinations in the globe and it’s all about the excess and luxury that go hand in hand with the famous Sin City. Las Vegas is all glamour and over the top casinos that try to lure players in to their hotels. Top tier shows with the best artists can been seen in Vegas at any time of year and are an attraction all by themselves.


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