America’s Best Otherworldly Landscapes

Since the beginning of time, man has wondered about other planets. Countries spend millions of dollars exploring the solar system. When any new crevice or unexpected discovery is found we want to know what it is, why it is there, what is it about this planet that we don’t know.

What is strange and unexpected too many people in the science community is that people seem oblivious to the fact that we live on a planet. Our own home planet has billions of years of natural landmarks that have formed by the elements we have, strikes from space and more.

Perhaps in very close future generations, people will be able to travel into space. But until then, we urge you to explore our own piece of the universe.

The Barringer Crater – Flagstaff, AZ

Daniel Barringer suggested that the huge hole in the Earth, 37 miles from Flagstaff was a meteor impact site. When flying over it, you could easily believe it is another world. The impact happened more than 50,000 years ago. It is 550-feet deep, and 2.4-miles around.

If you travel just about 37 miles from the beautiful city of Flagstaff in Arizona, you can see where a meteor impacted Earth more than 50,000 years ago. The crater is one-mile across, 2.4-miles around, and 550-feet deep. This significant geological site was named for Daniel Barringer.


Lake Champlain – Quebec, Canada

Lake Champlain is the eighth largest body of freshwater in the United States. It is 120 miles long with more than 400 miles of surface water. Lake Champlain began its formation about 200 million years ago. The plains were shifting and this caused a massive piece of bedrock to fall between two faults forming the canyon which ended up creating the lake.

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Lake Champlain is otherworldly because it represents our world before man. There are many places to go and see the remains of the mighty dinosaurs that once held this area. It is home to the largest fossil reef in the world.

Hop on a bus to Lake Champlain and enjoy biking, fishing, and exploring the reef. While you are there, you should also visit the local museums and learn about the history of this unique region.


The Wave, Arizona

At the border of Utah and Arizona, Near Flagstaff,  you can see a beautiful rock formation called the Wave. Only nature can create such a beautiful rock formation. People travel from around the globe to see the magnificence of this otherworldly site. You can get there by bus, But some people venture on horseback and even on bikes. Be careful and sure you know where you are and have a means of contacting help if you venture off to explore this natural marvel.


Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

One look at this amazing spring will make you feel you have ventured into another dimension. This spring is only about the size of a football field. So, why is it listed as the largest hot water spring in America (and third largest in the world?)  It’s because this spring is so deep that a 10-foot building would easily fit in the spring.

The unusual, rainbow colors are caused by bacteria that live around the cooler edges of the hot water. You will find this marvel in Yellowstone National Park.

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While you are looking around the globe for beautiful places on Earth, don’t forget to see Denver. Denver is a great place to relax between journeys. You can also have comforting physical therapy, spa treatments and acupuncture in Denver, which will make traveling easier.

The Earth has been changing for centuries and it is still changing today. Don’t put off seeing something that you want to see, because it could be changed or even gone in the future. Enjoy the paradise that is all around you and you will have a different view of how we fit in the universal picture.


This feature is contributed by Wendy Dessler.



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