Recently, CBD or Cannabidiol, has started to gain massive popularity due to its medical properties without the high. CBD is being sold as creams, seeds, mixed with drinks, and these days even convenient capsules such as these from H2W. CBD has become an increasingly popular health trend –  the more people start to use it and encourage others to try it. But not everyone knows just what CBD is or what it can do for you, especially when it comes to aiding in anxiety reduction. Anxiety comes in all shapes and forms with different triggers, but one of the most common forms that everyone suffers at one point is the travel anxiety. So many things could go wrong while getting ready for a trip that stress can build up fast. CBD can help you handle travel anxiety, but we need to understand just what CBD oil is before learning how it can help you keep calm on your next trip.

What is CBD?

CBD is harvested from the Cannabis plant, the same plant hemp and Marijuana is harvested from. While it is a naturally present chemical compound found in marijuana, CBD does not contain THC, or the chemical that produces the mind-altering high sensation. Because CBD does not create a high, researches have started to look into just what kind of help CBD can do for those with more intense medical conditions. Research has started to show up more and more to provide results on how CBD can aid with conditions such as epilepsy, joint pains, heart disease, and diabetes, but there is still not enough information to show definite results. However, one condition that has been showing results in using CBD is anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

Everyone can get anxious, it does not need to be a diagnosed medical condition. Anxiety can be triggered by common day to day events such as:

  • Being late
  • Speaking in front of others
  • Paying bills
  • Family Events
  • And much more

Although everyone can occasionally suffer from anxiety, there are those who suffer anxiety daily for reasons that do not normally trigger anxiety such as:

  • If you have a big breakfast, will you be able to have lunch later
  • Does the stranger you bumped into hate you
  • Do your friends and family actually care for you
  • Is it a good day to leave the house

While the listed reasons seem extreme, they are possible triggers for those who have been diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder. Medications are available to help people with an anxiety disorder, but these medications have the possibility of becoming addictive due to the high like sensation they give to calm the user. CBD does not contain the high inducing ingredient THC, so it does not create an addictive behavior, but it still provides the same relaxing effect. More medical tests need to be done in order to see just how CBD works for anxiety. But with what we know so far, CBD can help with minor anxiety, such as the one people experience when traveling.

The Stress of Traveling

If you travel a lot whether for business or for pleasure, you most likely go through these steps when planning and preparing for the trip if you are taking an airplane.

  1. Book a flight
  2. Find someone to house sit or pet sit
  3. Get your passport
  4. Figure out what you will need to pack
  5. Get to the airport on time
  6. Pass through security
  7. Get your luggage checked in
  8. Make sure you find your seat
  9. Deal with the people around you
  10. Land and find your luggage

While this step process is a summarized version of traveling readiness, it still shows just how stressful traveling can become. While you could easily create a plan to handle airport stress, it can be increasingly overwhelming for some. There are so many factors to consider and different ways to handle each situation. If you are good at handling stress than you will most likely not need any extra assistance to calm you down. However, if you are not great at handling stressor it is your first time traveling by plane, then you are going to need more than just some friendly advice to get by.

Yes, there are medications that can help you stay calm during the trip, but it has the potential of putting you to sleep. When traveling alone this is not the best option since you need to be ready for anything that could happen on the trip or be attentive to when the plane lands. The benefit of using CBD is that you will not have to worry about drowsiness while still having the benefits of a calming medication.

CBD is thought to affect the serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is one of the main mood stabilizers that your brain naturally produces. Low Serotonin is common in mental disorders such as depression and, of course, anxiety. CBD help raise serotonin so that your mood stabilizes and helps you calm down. For flights, this is especially beneficial since you want to be as calm as possible before, during, and after the flight. Do not be afraid to take some CBD before a trip, preferably with enough time for the medication to take action, like when you first arrive at the airport. The closer you take CBD to the stress the easier you will be able to handle the anxious feeling you get before travel.

While CBD is still being studied on how it affects anxiety, it still has proven just how helpful it can be. When traveling by car, plane, train, or even by foot you have to be ready for anything and have a calm, leveled head about it. Dealing with anxiety on your own can be difficult, especially when traveling to new locations and meeting new people. By taking CBD as a pill, drink, or oil, you can benefit from its calming properties without becoming addicted to CBD or from other damaging side-effects. Companies such as CBDPure are already proving to be a reliable provider for high-quality CBD oils made from hemp. We suggest checking out the articles on for more CBD oil information and reviews. Always consult your doctor though, before taking CBD.

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