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Developing an Amazon marketing strategy is a great way to reach the right kind of shoppers and at the same time develop brand awareness. Creating a solid strategy for selling your product is going to have to include considerations for: product placement, branding, packaging and reviews. All of these are critical factors that will need special consideration.

Know your customers and competition

Before you begin you will need to clearly identify your customers. You will need to think about who is interested in your products and what kind of individual they are. Find out the demographics of who would potentially buy your product. Where do your customers live? What is their income? the more you know who your customers are the more exact you will be in delivering your message. The competition on Amazon can be quite fierce. You will have to do research on your competitors to find out what factors that are going into their Amazon marketing campaigns. The competition will have already been established and have a footing in your target niche. You need to identify your competitors so you can build a strategy so you can compete with them. Looking at important factors such as the particular keywords they are optimizing for. Looking at monthly sales and other product specific details such as where they are buying their stock will give you some important information that you can use to device your plan.

Product details and descriptions

Be clear about your product details such as what they combined with the packaging will look like. Always be clear in the description about what your product does and what it does not do. Find out of there will there be other considerations considering international shipping or if there are any kind of special certifications required. You also need to ask yourself how you plan on pricing your products? It is a simple question but it is very important to find that “Goldilocks zone” where you can maximize your profits. Use the concept of pricing power if it is available. If you are creating or have hired a professional to design an Amazon marketing strategy after having already established yourself, then you may have the ability to charge more than your competition. In this case your brand awareness is the pricing power.

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When distributing your products it is a major concern to find the most efficient way possible to store your products. Find out how to get the products from your supplier to the distribution center and then to your customer. What kind of methods are you going to use to ship? Will you be renting your own warehouse?. If you can you might be interested in potentially dropshipping to your customers. Not having to carry an inventory is a great way to be the most efficient when trying to scale the business in the future. These are all important considerations to making and budgeting a marketing strategy.

Marketing budget

When it comes to marketing you will need to set a budget and not just blindly start advertising. What kind of advertising will best suit your products? In today’s age of digital marketing it is ever important to make use of pay-per-click and social media advertising. What kind of social media channels will you use? Will you be using Bing or Google adwords?. Ask yourself what kind of return on investment you hope to get. You can use this to get a sense of how much you will need to invest. If you have a tight budget then perhaps you want to focus on only a few products. If you just get started with a few you will have more advertising dollars backing a smaller set of products. As you learn from the results you will gain more insight and can refine your marketing and budget.

Marketing strategy

Developing your strategy can be outlined using several different methods. Marketing tactics can be done individually over time or simultaneously. If you have the budget then it is recommended that you implement several different marketing tactics. If they are used efficiently at the same time it will have a great impact. Laying out the groundwork is going to come in the form of doing the keyword research and optimizing your listings. The first step is to start to understand the keywords which bring most traffic within your niche. There are many tools that are available however if you do not have a full understanding of keywords and search volumes and how they correlate then you might want to outsource that work. If you are going to attempt it on your own then you will need to look up the various keyword research tactics.

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Optimize your listings

Optimizing your listings is part of every Amazon marketing strategy. If you do not create a well thought out listing page you may ruin your marketing plan as all your customers will land on a non-user friendly listing destination. Optimizing your listings on Amazon will maximize your potential and help you be found in the search results. You are going to need to consider the following in order to get organic search results on Amazon: product images, product titles, bullet points, keywords and in answering customer questions. A rich description that is compelling and clear will also help the rankings of your product listing.

Do your research

As Amazon offers many different forms of advertising options you can choose what is best to reach your customers. Before starting you should be aware of all strategies to effectively market your products. Methods being used to drive organic search traffic should be used in conjunction with paid Amazon marketing methods to maximise your return on investment. By following proven methods and by doing the appropriate amount of research you will be able to make an effective and informed marketing plan to succeed on Amazon.

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