Robot Vacuum: Advantages Of Smart Cleaning

Owning a robotic vacuum is hands down one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of time and effort you spend cleaning your floors. As much as it bears a higher price tag, it comes with a vast array of benefits that will justify your investment. The robotic vacuum cleaner is very small, and it would be so hard to imagine that it works with high effectiveness. Its floor-cleaning capabilities are superb. Its cleaning is best referred to as smart cleaning, as it does much more than what an ordinary vacuum cleaner offers without requiring your intervention. Here are some of the robotic vacuum cleaner’s advantages that you stand to enjoy by investing in one.

Easy Handsfree Operation.

The robotic vacuum cleaner’s biggest strength is its ability to vacuum your floors to perfection without the need for human intervention. Unlike a regular vacuum that requires you to push around when vacuuming, a robotic vacuum only requires you to switch it on and then let it vacuum automatically. Apart from the robotics technology incorporated into this vacuum cleaner’s design, there are also navigation sensors that prevent bumping onto obstacles and dropping off edges. There are also dirt sensors that help the vacuum cleaner to detect any dirty spots and clean them automatically without requiring you to do it manually. Even when it comes to recharging, the robotic vacuum automatically moves to the recharging dock whenever it detects a low battery. With a robotic vacuum cleaner, your hassle of cleaning floors manually is significantly reduced.

Scheduling and Tracking Capabilities.

For most homeowners, vacuuming is just a one-time task that you complete and leave. However, when you have the best robot vacuum cleaner, Roomba model as an example, you can follow up on how the cleaning of your floors has been done. Once you own a robotic vacuum, you will no longer have to clean blindly as in the case when using a regular vacuum. You can easily monitor your vacuum’s cleaning progress remotely via its mobile app or control hub. In addition to monitoring and tracking, a robotic vacuum cleaner also gives you the advantage of personalized scheduling for your floor-cleaning chores. Whether you will be at home or not, you can easily set your vacuum cleaner to vacuum your floors at a particular time, say three times a week, and this will be done perfectly.

Remote Control Features.

As much as the robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a few power and settings buttons on its body, most of its settings can be accessed via a mobile app or remote control. This makes it possible to control and navigate your robotic vac remotely. Even better, are the models that are Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled, as they have a wider radius within which they can be operated remotely? This is especially true for the Wi-Fi enabled models as they can be controlled with ease via a mobile app, even if the homeowner is away on vacation. This feature offers perfect convenience.

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Time and Energy Saving.

Imagine having to pull out your full-sized vacuum cleaner every morning and pushing it around your house before leaving for work. Now imagine simply picking up your smartphone and ordering your robotic vacuum to clean the floors without you having to push it around or watch where it goes. You can tell that the robotic vacuum cleaner will save you lots of energy, especially if your household has children and pets. In addition to saving on energy, it also keeps on time, as you do not have to be physically present for it to clean your floors. You can also schedule it to vacuum later and even in a particular pattern, which is very convenient, especially for busy homeowners.

Encourages Regular Vacuuming.

At the mention of vacuuming, every homeowner gets nervous, especially those that only own a full-sized vacuum. On the other hand, it is an excellent joy for owners of robotic vacuums. Unlike the former that requires you to be physically present, pushing and pulling it up and down for vacuuming to be possible, the robotic vacuum does all this automatically without human intervention. It suffices that a full-sized vacuum intimidates any vacuuming efforts while the robotic vacuum encourages regular vacuuming.  In addition to its ease of operation, you can schedule the robotic vacuum to clean your floors as many times as you desire, which ultimately supports this point.

Lightweight and Compact.

Since most robotic vacuums weight below 6 pounds, which is a fraction of the weight of your ordinary vacuum, you will not hassle when it comes to its maneuverability and portability. While a regular vacuum may be hard to carry upstairs, a robotic vacuum brings no challenges, in this case, making it suitable for multistoried houses. Its lightness and its compact body ensure that it can fit even in the tightest of spaces. Its low-profile design especially makes it ideal for cleaning under furniture and other low areas.

Reliable Filtration.

Every robotic vacuum comes with HEPA filtration, which is the best filtration system in the market. HEPA filtration has even been endorsed by most health organizations dealing with asthma and other dust-related allergies, which makes it perfect for people with such conditions. Its filtration is reliable such that it captures up to 0.9 microns of airborne dirt, thus preventing any of it from getting into the air, which might otherwise trigger allergic reactions. Its reliable filtration that at times combines different types of filters, also makes sure that this machine runs at optimal suction power, thus effective cleaning.

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Cordless Design.

If you own multiple corded devices, then you understand the hassle too well: the tangles, trips and falls, restricted working radius, and these are but a few of them. Therefore, having a robotic vacuum in place of a regular one is such a blessing. You can now get all your floors cleaned without having to keep plugging and unplugging power cables. You won’t have to depend too much on power availability; charge your robotic vacuum, and you are good to go. You also will not have to keep warning your children to walk carefully around the house, as the vacuum cleaner cable they would have tripped on is no longer available.

Detects Dirt.

As much as you may trust your eyes with perfect detection of dirt, you may not be able to see the specks of dust and debris, and even the dirt in hidden areas like under furniture. It is where the robotic vacuum comes in handy. With the help of its precision sensors, it can detect dirt and automatically clean it up without your help. In case more soil is detected in a particular spot, this robotic vacuum will go back and forth over this spot, vacuuming until it is spotless.

Automatic Charging and Great Battery Life.

A high-quality robotic vacuum usually has a battery that lasts at least 30 minutes. It is enough to clean a modest house, and you should always strive to find one that has excellent battery life. In addition to the robotic vacuum’s great battery life, the best robotic vacuums usually have the auto-charging feature that ensures that its battery doesn’t get too low, in which case it will move to its charging dock automatically. After recharge, it then automatically resumes its vacuuming chores.

The robotic vacuum is such a blessing to homeowners, bringing forth a better quality of life and improved the hygiene of your floors. However, there also a few cons that we have to bear with. These include the fact that the robotic vacuum cleaner is only able to clean flat horizontal surfaces and it does not come with extension tools, thus not quite designed for cleaning areas above the floor. The other disadvantage is that the best models are costly, going for close to $1000, which limits many people from investing in the best. Notwithstanding, the model you choose only depends on your cleaning needs and desired features compared with your budget. With proper research, you will get the best robotic vacuum within your budget.

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