Davos 2019 – Ten Points Worth Remembering

The World Economic Forum 2019 will talk about existing and future challenges we all have to face. Taking note of the following points will help you navigate this important yearly event.

1. The World Economic Forum brings together state, business and cultural leaders from around the world. Prominent and influential personalities from both private and public spaces will also attend the summit, for a total of around 3,000 participants.

2. This year’s theme is, “Globalization 4.0.” We are in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution.

3. Climate change – limiting the rise in average global temperature to below 1.5°C is one of the key goals of Globalization 4.0.

4. “Globalization” and “globalism” should be analyzed differently. Establishing or limiting connections, or how global networks change versus the by-products of these changes and connections.

5. Technology continues to drive innovation and progress around the world. But because of this, tech inequality has become a rising problem, particularly in developing countries.

6. Global imbalances, particularly in the areas of trade, technology and innovation should be addressed by implementing proactive measures; developing educational programs, for example; instead of just reacting to these imbalances.

7. The rising trends of populism and nationalism can be considered as healthy manifestations of democracy as long as people are educated in the virtues of international collaboration.

8. Simple fixes have not worked in addressing issues related to climate change, trade imbalances and tech adoption. A multifaceted approach involving both public and private sectors of society should prove more effective. Sometimes, complicated problems need complicated solutions.

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9. Everyone around the world can participate in Davos 2019. Updates and events can be followed through webcasts, traditional channels and social media.

10. The World Economic Forum does not promote any political or commercial interest. It promotes collaboration, transparency and the formulation of world-changing solutions.


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