How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Our Lives

Artificial Intelligence or, in short, AI, is slowly becoming a part of our everyday lives. While we don’t yet have the perfect AI system, that can think and make decisions for itself, there are advanced artificial neural networks that can collaborate on solving difficult situations.

Furthermore, modern AI systems are capable of observing and learning based on the information provided. For instance, the voice assistants most of us love to use (Siri, Alexa, Google) use AI algorithms that process the information you provide (searches, discussions, browsing history) and learn about your specific behavior. This way, they advance in the relationship with us and create a more human-like experience.

But it’s not just about phones! AI is also used by Tesla and other self-driving car companies to interpret surroundings and avoid accidents. Also, you can find these intelligent systems in browsers and eCommerce platforms, video games, and more.

Put in short, AI is already here! True, the technology is still in its inception phase, but intelligent systems are fast learners. As such, we can expect to see significant transformations in the way AI impacts our lives.  Are you prepared to face the future?

If the idea of intelligent systems interacting with us makes you uneasy, let’s have a look at the changes we should expect.

Changes in the Workforce

The first concern of most people who hear about intelligent systems is geared towards their job. Will there come a day when robots do most of the tasks?

According to specialists, it’s true that some jobs will be lost to robots. But this is a good thing since most of these tasks are repetitive and can be soul-crushing for many people. Furthermore, we already have robots working assembly lines in factories, why not have a robot answer customer complaints, or bring the coffee in the morning?

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The good news is that new jobs will be created, especially in the tech and analytics industry. The workforce will be reshaped, and people will have more chances of using their brain and creativity than ever before!

AI & the Industry of Entertainment

AI, along with VR/AR will create very detailed virtual reality worlds, just like the holodeck system in Star Trek. This means that it will be become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a virtual world and a real one, which will change the way we explore the world!

But, until we get there, you can play similar games like Live the Game via your browser (check it out on Crazy Games).

Moreover, AI will also change the movie industry. Right now, a computer is capable of generating photos of human faces, that are so real, they completely full a human observer. We look forward to the day CGI effects will be extremely difficult to spot out!

Not to mention, AI systems are already a big part of modern video games, creating a new type of gameplay that adapts to your decisions in the game. These systems get smarter and more intuitive with every update. For instance, AI bots can solve the Worlds Hardest Game, which requires a lot of reasoning and wit.

Changes at Home

The intelligent home is slowly becoming a reality with intelligent assistants who can control the lights and appliances. As you can imagine, the systems will become more and more in touch with our personal lives, to the point where they will be able to run the house without human supervision.

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True, it may be scary, but wouldn’t you like to have a fully-automated kitchen cooking high-end recipes, just like a chef would? Or maybe you would like your entertainment system to be ready to play your favorite game, with the ideal settings on.

Wrap Up

Of course, other domains will be impacted by AI, from home security to medicine and healthcare. In fact, some of the more advanced systems show strong capabilities for creativity! All in all, we may have to bring our A game to the table, given that AI is constantly updating theirs!

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