Millennial: What It Means To Be A Feminist

It started off as a movement to deliver women’s suffrage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Around the 1970s it became a definition for movements that rise up for inequality issues present in the society including cultural difference and sexism. Now in the 20th century, particularly in the era of millennials, it has evolved, rather grown into a cumulative facade of politics, ideology, career, economic, and leadership; all for the common goal of equality.

Millennials have been strongly defined as the generation who likes to shake things up a little. They were disruptive in many aspects of society. They acted as a strong catalyst for changes in the world. They made social media mainstream, relevant and useful. Experience is treasured more than anything else. Careers are flexible more than ever. And on some form, they change how feminism is defined.

Here are what it means to be a millennial feminist:

My Body, My Decision, My Rights

Feminist of today believe that rules of equality should also be applied to how an individual solely decides for his or her body. It has become a hot topic and debate for some time. Millennial believe that everyone should have the right to decide on the things that concern their body, health, and well-being.

Legalizing abortion is a particular example always used to define this concern. If a woman gets pregnant and has no intention to keep it, does the decision to continue its term lies on the rules of the state or the decision she wants to make? It is her body after all.

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We Denounce Past Social Norms

Before, people believed that after school and a little bit of work their next destination should be marriage and building a family with kids. But so far, things are getting different. According to statistics, millennials are settling down later than previous generations, especially women.

Millennial feminist are aware that there is more to life than just being born, going to school, having work and settling down. Life experience is far more interesting and alluring for this generation of feminist and no pressure from the older generation will stop them from living the life they want.

This does not mean they don’t want to have a family in the future, they are just holding it back. Starting a family, or having your own children can be done without the traditional means. Things like egg freezing, artificial insemination and surrogacy are on the rise.

Sexism, Harassment, and Assault Needs To Be Spoken

The recent issue that shook the Hollywood scene, #MeToo movement, has solidified the notion that millennials are more outspoken about their bad and horrible experience. Sexism, harassment, and assault should have no place in our society. Fighting it starts from every single one of us and it takes a meaningful conversation to make a strong statement.

No matter your position, as long as you are in the side of truth, even if you are against Goliath – people will rally behind you, supporting and listening to the cause.

Everyone Should Be Equal; Truly Equal

Equality may have been the initial and original cause for this movement, but its absolute form has not yet been achieved. There are still a number of aspects where equality for all is absent.

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Leadership roles for women are still scarce. In fact, only 24 CEO in the 2018 Fortune’s 500 are women. Even though women enter the workforce at the same rate as men, they just don’t get promoted and trained at the same phase. One reason being is childbirth and domestic responsibility and the other, more mortifying cause, is that business culture dictates that a leader should be a man. Study shows that business culture and mindset reflects people looking for someone with the stature that describe a white tall person. Giving a strong independent woman or people with color a harder time.

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