What Kind Of Summer Will We Experience In 2019?

Since time immemorial, it’s always been the desire of man to predict the future and this is no exception to the weather. Seeing that early man depended on agriculture, he had to have insight into what the skies held for him. But basically, the modern art of weather forecasting is very similar to that of the early man. This is because he relied more on predictions that were based on observations. But if they could have had some peek into the future, they’d be amazed at the sophistication of the modern weather forecasting tools.

In some way, weather forecasting has the same type of engineering as that of psychic reading. It may all be based on observations which sometimes help to foretell the future. Looking at some psychic predictions on climate change, psychics may suggest that it’s not going to get better, though the outcome depends on our contribution towards the environment. And it’s all intertwined in a way. As a matter of fact, psychics sometimes relate weather patterns and conditions to the world of divinity. For instance, Sheila Moon from Psychic2Tarot.com says that the extra time in the daylight during the summer means more time to spend with spirituality. Especially when the highs are not so extreme, the mood of relaxation and calmness can make it easier for people to connect to the spiritual world.

However, what does the summer season of 2019 really hold for us? Should we expect any further extreme weather conditions? Should everyone upgrade their HVAC units or expect to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on cooling bills? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Read on for more inspiration about the kind of summer we can expect in 2019

Well, we may be just a few months into 2019. However, we haven’t yet experienced the bitter temperatures that were witnessed in the past years. Actually, it’s been the complete opposite of this. Does anyone remember the polar vortex? Even scientists cannot figure out the reason behind the frequency of these chilling winds. Not so many people are fully aware of the impact of global warming on our world. The manifestation is in the changes in weather patterns across the world. It’s becoming impossible for even scientists to accurately predict the weather.

Over the past few decades, we’ve experienced some of the most extreme weather and climatic events that are much related to human activities. This now calls for desperate measures on how to endure extreme weather conditions.

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Here’s How

In most places, summers may be hotter than others while winters colder. You’ll come across a lot of arguments in trying to explain the dramatic changes in weather patterns. However, the most important thing is to ensure that we are well prepared to deal with these extreme conditions. This is exactly how

  • You need to have a household emergency kit – to ensure that you remain safe during the harsh weather conditions, it’s imperative that you get a useful emergency kit. This will help you no matter the kind of weather. The kit should contain; a two-week food supply for the whole household, a flashlight, battery-powered radio, snow shovels, and additional useful tools, mobile phones with backup batteries, and an all-inclusive first aid kit.
  • Arm yourself with survival hacks – the first thing you need to know is how to protect yourself even before protecting others. Most of this is an automatic human instinct. You also need to prepare your house. This means that you should insulate the water pipes to avoid freezing, weather stripping your doors and caulking the openings as well as ensuring that your gutters are always clean.

What’s The Definition Of Weather?

Before we get into the specifics, we first need to learn the basics. The term weather refers to the atmospheric state that is inclusive of several variables. These may include precipitation, temperature, humidity, cloudiness, and winds. As opposed to climate, the weather is a short term representation of the aforementioned variations ranging from minutes to months.

We may or may not be aware of the effects of weather in our lives. It dictates the amount of traffic on the roads, the number of people jogging outside, the type of clothing worn, and business interactions. This, therefore, means that the weather has a tremendous effect on our daily lives. To know the kind of expected weather conditions, it’s important that we discuss the various methods employed in weather predictions.

1. Climatology Method

Climatology method is a weather prediction technique that involves reviewing weather statistics that has been gathered over a multiple of years in calculating the averages. This is a method that basically involves digging into the past weather conditions to forecast the present. However, this is a method that is slowly becoming unreliable due to the effects of global warming.

2. Trends Method

This is a method that doesn’t require one to have a set of weather prediction skills. Like the climatology method, this method relies on past weather conditions. To be more specific, trends and persistence method will also require you to have knowledge of a specific region’s climate averages.

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3. Analog Method

This is a more complicated weather forecasting method that also involves examining the present weather conditions based on similar past weather scenarios.

4. Numerical Weather Prediction

This is a weather prediction method that involves the use of sophisticated tools such as supercomputers, complex computer programs, and forecast models. These provide reliable, precise, and more accurate weather forecasting than the earlier discussed methods.

The Features Of A Good Weather Forecasting Technique Include:

  • The precise timing of weather events
  • Regular weather updates
  • Certifiable weather statements for weather conditions
  • Advanced warnings
  • An operational emergency line on call 24/7/365

The Benefits Of Weather Forecasting


Considering the airline industry that mostly relies on weather conditions to determine the safety of the passengers as well as that of the planes. It’s imperative for weather forecasting to be accurate and precise. This helps for proper planning even in the worst of weather conditions.

Improved Planning

Prior knowledge of weather conditions may help to avert catastrophes. In addition to this, it also becomes easier to help in planning to better prepare for the worst weather conditions. This may involve the construction of better roads, strong bridges, and the construction of stronger planes and sea vessels. In addition to this, a good weather forecast enables farmers to come up with better farming techniques when it comes to food production.

Economic Benefits

There are immense economic benefits through accurate weather forecasting. This allows for airline companies to reroute their airplanes as opposed to waiting it out. This also dictates the types of foods grown, dictating the markets, as well as altering the course of battles.

In summary, accurate weather forecasting is very important in planning our everyday activities and it is important to stay on the loop and stay prepared in case this year’s summer turns out a bit harsh. This is especially the case considering how unexpected things can get in the world we live in today as a result of global warming and climate change. Nonetheless, it’s best to be hopeful that this summer goes all well and that it gives us the opportunity we’ve all been waiting for, to take that vacation, relax, and re-energize as we have fun and spend more time with our loved ones. We can only but hope for the best

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