Essentials For Making City Driving Easier

An average of 6 million motor vehicle accidents happen in the US, and 3 million people are injured from a car accident every year. Driving in large cities can present many challenges for the driver, whether they’re experienced with the busy streets or not; bumper to bumper expressways, traffic jams, difficult parking, pedestrians and cyclists all add to the driving risks in a city’s streets. While it’s no secret that more driving equates to more traffic-related deaths, there are ways to drive safely to help reduce the risk of accidents and make journeys in a city easier.

The choice of vehicle

Choosing the right type of car can reflect a specific personality rather than the safety or practicalities of driving in a large urban area. Therefore, the size and style of car is a key element in any decision made, along with whether a vehicle will be electric, alternatively fueled or expensive to run. How a car will be used on a daily basis, for example, whether that’s for business or pleasure, is a major consideration for driving safely around a city’s streets.

Keep a safe distance

Although it depends on the city, American cyclists get a rough ride in comparison to the shortage of well-developed bicycle lanes. This lack of infrastructure accounts for 70 percent of fatal bicycle accidents of which the majority happens in urban areas. Other obstacles in city driving can be taxis swerving to pick up or drop off passengers, so keeping a safe distance is always needed. Similarly, be aware of city center crosswalks where pedestrians may be jaywalking or strolling at a slower pace. Use best LED headlights when driving at night for better visibility and ensure that your vehicle is regularly maintained.

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Avoid distractions on the road

Given the modern age of busy metropolitan streets, it’s becoming more common to encounter road rage, which can frequently result in danger to other lives. Being caught out in a road rage incident can instigate a threat to the driver, their passengers and the vehicle itself. Although certain cities are rife with road rage, staying calm and avoiding rush hour times can limit the chances of experiencing it. Paying attention to what’s happening on the road is the safest way to avoid any distractions, so using a mobile device and keeping check of road conditions at all times is always essential.

Millions of Americans use their cars to take journeys to work, do the school run, or embark on a road trip, so be acutely aware of what happens on the roads to ensure safety.

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