Why Modern Cities Are Going Green And Getting Rid Of Plastic

It has been making international headlines, cities around the world are adapting to living without plastic, and the cause isn’t a pleasant one. Through recent events, events such as severe weather and beachfront clean-ups, humans have begun to visibly see the damage they are causing the environment. Already people are eliminating factors harmful to the environment. For example, online shopping has been a convenient luxury eliminating the use of gas as courier services use modernized cars lower on fuel consumption and the less traffic is on the highways, the better it is for the environment. Another fine example is that of online casinos, this has also had a positive impact on the environment in terms of fuel usage as players are opting for online games rather than the schlep of driving down to their local establishments. You too can try your luck at a UK casino online to see why this is also a trending service.

National Geographic has even stated that as humans, we depend on plastic and now, well we are drowning in it, literally. The ocean is filled with the toxic waste and sadly our ocean life is taking the hardest hit as aquamarine mammals and fish alike are dying in agonizing pain. Pictures speak a thousand words and the internet is practically shouting through the recent images surfacing around the world, images of plastic waste consuming our waters. The tragic truth is that if humankind doesn’t stand together to save the planet, there will be nothing left for our children’s grandchildren.

Water Awareness workshops are being held around the world, alerting all to the current crisis planet earth faces. The deepest darkest parts of the ocean hold plastic remnants of garbage and even cigarette buds. The saddest truth is, the countries that aren’t on-board with the recent ‘going green trend’ is that they are only encouraging the death of aquamarine life and in essence; the planet.

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Many are boycotting the use of plastic bags and straws, two of the biggest threats to our environment, and restaurants are now using paper straws and paper bags. The idea is to become a ‘waste free’ environment with the whole world on board with the trend. It has been estimated that in order to clear our entire planet from plastic waste, the movement should take roughly 25 years. Although this may seem like an eternity for some, our children’s children will reap the benefits of a clean and healthy environment. Even though it may take some time, the more people helping, the quicker and the progress.

Everyone can do their part and make our world a longer lasting and more vibrant one. Take care of our planet, our animals and the aquamarine life in order for our green earth to thrive and grace us with many more years so that our successors will be able to appreciate the beauty of our planet. Let’s make the change together and follow the example of greener cities and get rid of the use of plastic altogether!



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