5 Reasons Your Company Needs to Invest In CRM

Customer relationship management systems, or CRMs, are one of the most important investments you can make in your company. These software systems allow you to integrate your sales information with customer records, service interactions, and more so that you can transition from a short-term “selling” mindset to a longer term “serving” strategy.


It all starts with continuity. Have you ever interacted with a company more than once? Of course, you have. Whether you stopped in to browse on different occasions, hopped on a company’s website a few times, or called customer service, you have likely had to contact a company twice (or more) – and what happens? You end up needing to explain what you want each time. If you have a specific question or an issue that needs to be resolved, you have to explain it all over again every time you reach someone new. It is frustrating and completely unnecessary.

A good CRM removes that issue so that every time your customers connect with your company, the experience is continuous. Your customers never have to repeat themselves or explain their needs more than once.


In turn, this continuity enables collaboration across departments. The CRM makes it easy for your customer service team to integrate with your sales team and your marketing staff to know which strategies have been working. All interactions are recorded and transparent, so everyone understands what is going on and each department gets the information they need to do their jobs effectively.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers also benefit from CRM. Not only do they enjoy not having to repeat themselves but the more informed your employees are about their issues, the better they can serve those specific needs. Customer satisfaction increases considerably because now your clients feel like they have a relationship with your company and that they are more than anonymous sales to your business.

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Happy customers are more likely to buy from you and keep buying from you. As such, most companies see a significant bump in their sales conversion efforts. After all, why wouldn’t someone want to buy from a company that actually listens to their needs? It is the start of a powerful relationship that doesn’t end after the sale but keeps going, encouraging repeat business.

Grading Prospects

CRMs help you grade prospects more effectively as well. Customer relationship management systems keep track of everything to do with your customer interactions, including the sales process. The right system will help you see at a glance where each customer is in your sales funnel and provide insights on what you should do next to encourage their business. In some cases, your best bet will be to list specific prospects as “not ready” and concentrate your efforts on fostering a strong relationship with those people. In other cases, your CRM will clearly show you that your prospect is ready to hear your pitch. This way, you never try to sell your clients too early or miss an opportunity to close a sale.

CRM systems can help your business become more profitable and successful than ever before. Make sure that you choose a flexible and robust customer relationship management system, like Infor CRM, for your business. It works out-of-the-box to instantly help your company start providing the type of customer-centric experience that gets results.

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