5 Essential Tips On How To Run A Board Meeting

Wondering how to run a board meeting? The task can seem daunting at first, but you are up to the challenge. 

There are easy tips and tricks to follow that will help your board meeting move from a chaotic mess to an organized and efficient use of time. At the end of the day, only you know what will work best for your company, but these tips can help. 

Keep reading for the best tricks to get you started on the right foot! 

5 Tips on How to Run a Board Meeting

Follow these five meeting management tips and your board meeting will run smoothly:

1. Stick to a Structure

How often have you attended a meeting that goes around in circles and nothing is accomplished?

By setting an agenda and structure of the meeting ahead of time, you can avoid a lot of these issues. The structure of your board meeting should be fairly consistent across all board meetings. A common structure is called “parliamentary procedure.

This structure of the meeting requires a minimum number of voting members, ensures the agenda is followed, provides a forum to debate topics and then a final vote following the discussion.

The secretary keeps meeting minutes of the discussion and votes and provides that information to attendees following the board meeting.  

2. Respect Everyone’s Time

Everyone attending the board meeting has other work to do. Make sure you start the meeting on time and end the meeting at the appropriate point.

Keeping meetings on time is a show of respect for the attendees. Sticking to the agenda and not getting sidelined by surprises will help keep the meeting to the allotted time. 

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3. Disseminate Pertinent Information Ahead of Time 

Board meetings decide the future of the company. As such, attendees need time to plan ahead for the meeting. Several weeks ahead of the meeting, provide an initial agenda, location, and time for the meeting.

This gives board members ample time to review and research agenda items before the discussion at the meeting.

4. Pick the Right Location

To set the tone for the meeting, make sure you are choosing a location that is conducive to an efficient board meeting. The room needs to be large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably, but small enough that attendees can easily communicate with each other.

If anyone is attending by phone or video, make sure these avenues are functioning properly. Tech headaches day-of can ruin a meeting’s energy. 

If you’re going to offer beverages or snacks, place them in a location where attendees can help themselves without interrupting the flow of the meeting. 

5. Skip the Social Niceties

Don’t confuse your board meeting with a social hour. If you want time to catch up with attendees, invite them to lunch after the meeting. But don’t let socializing dominate your board meeting.

It will distract attendees from the agenda at hand and upset the efficiency and professionalism of the meeting you have planned.

Run Your Board Meeting Like a Boss

Now that you have these 5 tips on how to run a board meeting, start organizing that first agenda. You’ll structure a meeting that makes perfect sense for your business and helps move the company in the right direction. 

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