How To Use Numerology In Understanding Our Place In The World?

We’re all familiar with Astrology, but almost all of us don’t know that the science of Numerology accompanies Astrology and makes us understand ourselves more. The idea behind Numerology is fairly simple; according to this science, there are specific numbers that are heavily associated with certain traits, personalities, and themes in life. These numbers enlighten us and give us insight on our purpose in life, future events, and personalities. It reveals information about yourself and others around you; it also lets you know the age of your soul. Understanding that it’s normal to feel like you have a nagging need to know your place in the world; Neil deGrasse, the American astrophysicist once said, “You want to go to the universe, you learn Math.” And, he’s not wrong, using the mathematics of Numerology is one of the many ways that can help you understand who you are in this world.

Life Path Numbers

There are a lot of people who visit Numerology experts so that they can get their numbers read. Of course, you can try that, but you can also learn it yourself. It’s a very easy calculation; it’s also known as the life path equation. All you need to do is to add the numbers of your birth date together. For instance, if your date of birth is 04/14/1996 then you will separate them before addition as such: April= 4, 1+4= 5, and 1+9+9+6= 25. Then add 2+5= 7. Now, that your numbers are all set, add 4+5+7= 16. Finally, add 1+6= 7. So, now you understand that your life path number is 7, it’s a great start. There are many websites that can help you figure out your life path number; has a great article on numerology and explains what each number means. Your number reveals the challenges that life will throw at you, your achievements, chances and opportunities, personality, and how to be happy.

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Destiny Numbers

According to Pythagoras and his theories, each letter has its own numerical value. This theory is important for you to understand your destiny. In order to find your root number, also known as destiny number, you need to add your first, middle, and last name together. You need to add each name on its own and then reduce it to a single digit by adding the total together. After you’ve done that, make sure to add all of them together. You need to understand that your outcome explains how you’ll achieve your goals and how you’ll fulfill your place in life.

Karmic Number

We all sometimes have a problem with figuring out who we are in the world; our confusion affects our understanding of our hopes and fears; however, numerology makes it easier for us. Your karmic numbers reveal everything from your dreams and fears to your hopes in life. So all you need to do now is to learn the equation of the karmic number. You’ll need to use the numerology chart for letters so you can add up each consonant of your name and find out its value. All we need to do now is to add until you’re each a single digit, if you reach the number 11 or 22 then know that these are called the master numbers. Master numbers are usually different from any other numbers and have their meanings.

Soul Number

Your soul number reveals to you the age of your soul; it explains to you who you are on a spiritual level and foresees your spiritual maturity. The equation for the soul number is not that different from the karmic number; you will be needing the numerology chart for letters, so you can look for the vowels with their assigned numerical values. Put your full name and count how many vowels there are and then assign the numerical values to your name and finally add them all together. Finally, add the total together and the outcome will be your soul number.

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Everything about our life, the world, the universe, and ourselves seem to be overwhelmingly complex, so it is pretty normal to feel confused and lost every now and then. Which is why many people use the science of numerology to help them find out who they are and who they are meant to be. The science of numerology is not hard to understand and the equations that it offers us are not difficult to use. It’s equations like these that help you find out more about yourself and enlighten you about your future.

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