Tesla Is Donating Car Charging Stations All Over Canada

Automotive company Tesla will be donating electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures to Parks Canada sites across the country, the agency announced in a recent tweet. This will serve as Tesla’s aid to Parks Canada’s greening objectives.

More than 50 Parks Canada sites will be getting the infrastructure upgrade. The charging stations that will be installed will have both Tesla and J1772 connectors, Parks Canada said in another tweet.

Prior to this, Parks Canada previously announced that all national parks, national marine conservation areas, and national historic sites reachable by cars will have charging stations.

By 2021, they are targeting the top 25 most popular Parks Canada destinations to be geared with charging stations. By 2025, the top 50 most popular places are aimed to be equipped with charging infrastructures.

By doing this, Parks Canada intends to enable Canadians to visit these areas emission-free.

As with other emerging technologies, the pain of fully adopting EV comes from the lack of infrastructures which would enable EVs to be used in a large scale.

Last year, McKinsey & Company released an article detailing the demand for EV  infrastructure. Here, they identified the lack of charging infrastructure to be the major barrier to embracing EVs, especially in light of the increasing demand for these vehicles.

Tesla made a step in alleviating this lack of charging stations. A great step, yes,  but one which barely scratches the surface of the arising problem.

Truly enough, there is a long road ahead of us before EVs become an accessible mode of transport for the vast majority. With the technology becoming more and more appealing as a new means of transport, an effort like Tesla’s should be amplified across all relevant industries in order to allow the wider use of EVs.

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