Tips On Buying And Getting A New Puppy

Puppies are, as they say, a man’s best friend. They are fun to be around, they help you exercise, they keep you happy, and they help you get your mind off of other troubles. In some cases, puppies and larger dogs can protect your family, by at least making noise if an intruder comes to your home. Having a puppy in your home also allows for you and those around you, to learn the skill of caretaking. It’s easy to forget to water a plant or feed your fish if you are not used to it, but having a puppy is different. Below are tips in buying and getting a new puppy, and some guides as to which breed will be the best fit for you

Tips Before Buying a New Puppy

1. Time and Money

Puppies, in a way, are like having a child. They will need a lot of attention and money. You will need sufficient time and money to be able to play with your pet as often as possible and be able to purchase their treats, doghouse, and doctor visits. Make sure you have the time and money before buying.

2. Research the Different Breeds

Some breeds are more needy than others, and some grow much larger than others. In this case, you should read up on each breed and see which one will be the most suitable for you.

3. Find a Nearby Vet

You never know when your puppy will get sick, which hopefully will not occur often. In case it does happen though, make sure you know a trusted vet nearby so that you can easily go to them without much trouble.

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Guide for Purchasing the Right Breed

1. Take a Dog Breed Selector Quiz

There are numerous quizzes online that you can take that will help you know which type of breed will be most fitting. These quizzes include questions such as the amount of people living in the household, the time you have on your hands, the type of home you live in, and so on.

2. Purchase from a Trusted Breeder (in case you are opting for a breeder)

A good breeder has the breed’s best interest at heart, and if they are trusted, they will not sell you an empty pedigree. This means that they will not sell you a puppy for the sake of getting money, nor will they give you a fancy, expensive pedigree when the puppy itself is sick or has a medical condition.

3. Make a Checklist

This checklist should include the following: age, coat length and shredding, activity level, size, and trainability. If you are purchasing a puppy or looking for Puppies for Sale, then age is important to know, especially if you want to track their progress and know how to care for them.

Coat length and shedding are mainly for your and your family’s sake, especially if you or a family member is allergic or sensitive to fur. If you live in an apartment, then buying a dog with a high activity level is not the most suitable. Typically, dog size depends on the breed, but sometimes it can depend on the environment as well; a bigger house can usually withstand a larger dog, though if there are younger children involved, a smaller or a gentle breed is preferred.

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Trainability and intelligence work both ways for the dog and the trainer. A professional trainer will be able to adapt to the dog’s intelligence, but if you are planning on training the puppy yourself, then opt for a more intelligent breed so that you are able to train them hassle-free.

Buying a puppy is no easy feat, they are a huge responsibility, yet as they grow, they become much easier to care for. The important point though is to make sure that things on both your end are optimum for purchasing a dog, as well as the breed itself will keep you satisfied and less bothered. Ask around and do your research, and most importantly, prepare to have loads of fun with your new puppy!

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