11.11 Deals: Best Accessories For Students

Singles’ Day is around the corner — it is the perfect time to restock on your school supplies, there’s a lot of great deals during this time. Here are some of the best school accessories that you can get for way less in Singles’ Day.

Keep Tidy & Organised: New Office Student’s Pen Pouch & Earphone Mesh Storage Organizer

This case is great for organizing your pens or cables that you might be bringing along with you. The sleek and light design of this bag makes it great for people who are on the go. This case has a double zipper design and very durable; they glide smoothly. Inside, there is a mesh partition which provides you with an extra level of organization.

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Colourful Reminders: 100pcs/set Colorful Memo Pad (Heart, Stars, Leaf Design)

In case you’ve already ran out of sticky notes, this set is perfect for you. This sticky note set comes in different colours and sizes. This will make organizing your tasks a fun affair. With a very low price this Singles’ Day, make sure to stock your year’s supply.

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Start a Journal: Portable Students’ Writing Journal Notebook

Write your ideas and draw your sketches using this portable notebook. The classic and aesthetically-pleasing appearance of this notebook makes it suitable for pretty much everyone. A nice touch in this notebook’s design is the addition of a ziplock pocket where you can place small notes you need to keep for memory’s sake or for later use.

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Keep Organised: Large Capacity Pencil Case & Pouch

If you have a lot of school supplies, it is really hard to keep the clutter at bay. This bag is the storage solution that you’re looking for. This pouch is specifically designed to fit in different kinds of school supplies. It is extremely durable and easy to use. There is also a lot of colours and styles to choose from. It is easy to find one which will suit you. This can also be a nice gift.

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Plan Ahead: Weekly & Monthly Planner Bullet Journal

If you are not a fan of online calendars or if you just like the feeling of writing down a to-do list and physically checking them off one by one, this agenda notebook is great for you. In the package are 20 pieces of A4-sized paper. The sheets are already pre-printed with dates and checklists so that all you have to do is to write down the tasks you need to accomplish.

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Highlighters: 6-piece Set Erasable Highlighters


For highlighter lovers, this set is awesome. In the package are six vibrant highlighters so that all the important information will pop out nicely. These pens even come with eraser tips. Gone are the days of frustration whenever you highlight the wrong portion.

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For Correction: Cute Correction Pen

For times you made some typos or want to make corrections on your notes, this correction pen will do the job. This pen covers the corrections in your paper nicely, it’s almost as if nothing is under it when it dries out completely on your paper. The pen cap of this correction pen also ensures that the correction fluid will not dry out when not in use.

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Secure Your Stuff: Keyless Fingerprint Smart Padlock

Keep your belongings protected in your locker with this padlock. It is dust-proof and waterproof. The feature which sets it apart from other padlocks is that it uses fingerprint detection to unlock. You no longer have to worry that someone will guess your code or steal your key. Perfect for securing your bag or locker.

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YAGE Clip Wireless Table Lamp

Studying during the night requires that your have a good light source. This desk lamp is perfect for the task. It comes with three different light modes to cater to your specific needs. It is compact and wireless, making it really easy to carry around. To make this lamp even better, it also comes with a charger cable that can be used to charge power banks, phones, or laptops.

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Keep Doodling: 9-piece Set Black Drawing Pen


If you like doodling, sketching or writing, then this 9-piece drawing pen set is perfect for you. It comes in .05 to 0.8 thickness plus a brush pen. It writes nicely and the black ink has good quality.

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Keep Organised: Expandable Leather Portable Briefcase

Keep your papers and documents neat and tidy with this expandable portable briefcase. It has multiple pockets inside and lots of storage for your papers and important documents. The compartments are big enough to store A4 or letter-size documents. The outer covering is made of leather and waterproof so you’re assured that your documents are well-organised.

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