The 10 Best Street Food Cities Of 2019

While some travel to learn or to immerse themselves in different cultures, some travel with a single mission — to taste the best food the world has to offer.

Foodies, pack your bags. You are about to go on the adventure of your life. Here are ten of the best street food cities of the year 2019.

This ranking is based on the scores of the countries in CEOWorld Magazine’s  Street Food City Index 2019.


Singapore is hailed as the best city for street food this 2019. Singapore is known for its hawker centres which offer a wide variety of street food. Some of the stalls even earned Michelin stars, a testament to the quality of food in the city. There is no wonder why Singapore was ranked as the best street food city of 2019.

Singapore is followed by Bangkok, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh, Mumbai, Rome, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Mexico City, and Portland to complete the top ten.

Just like Singapore, these cities have unique street food that you can only experience authentically if you go there.


For the rankings, 50 cities were included, the selection of which was based on sensing which cities are repeatedly occurring in best street food cities list. For their rankings, the Street Food City Index 2019 considered four factors that were weighed in for the final scores:

  1. Number of Street Food Vendors
  2. Affordability
  3. Number of Street Food Experiences
  4. Food Hygiene

To see the complete rankings, you can check CEOWorld Magazine.

Which of these cities have you set your eyes on, foodie? Share on the comments below!

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