7 Most Watched Sports In The World

Most Watched Sports

One hallmark of our modern world is the proliferation of sporting activities. No matter which part of the world you are or what medium you look at, you will find one form of sporting activity or another. But, regardless of the sheer number of available sporting activities, some appears to be more popular than others.

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In this piece, we have listed out the top seven most-watched sports. This ranking is based on followership and the amount of coverage each gets.

Association football

Football or Soccer as Americans calls it, is the most dominant sport on the planet. Chances are 5 out of 7 people you meet, regardless of the country or region, will say, Football is their favorite sporting event.

FIFA World Cup, which holds four years ever is the most followed sporting event reaching over 3.5 billion people. The UEFA Champions League and FIFA Confederation Cup are also among top watched sporting event at 1.7 and 1 billion.


While cricket may not have the same spread as Football, it sure does enjoy a huge following too. Most of the 2.5 billion fans that follow cricket are located mainly in only 12 countries including England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and Zimbabwe.

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Important cricket events that draw huge attention are Cricket World Cup, T20i World Cup, and ICC Champions Trophy. The 2015 World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan was watched by more than 1 billion people.

Field Hockey

Many people may not have heard of Field Hockey, but when over 2 billion people follow the sport, it certainly has earned the right to be on the list.

India and Pakistan have the highest number of field hockey fans. Countries like Australia, Japan and Western European countries do have a sizable number of hockey enthusiasts.

The World Hockey Cup, Champions Trophy and Hockey Champions Challenge are some of the enormous attention hogging events.


Lawn tennis is another most watched sports on the planet, with 1 billion devoted fans spread across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia countries. 

Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open are the four most popular events in this sport. Tennis stars like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Simona Halep or the new Canadian star Bianca Vanessa Andreescu are among most popular idols in this century for many young people all over the world.


Mainly famous in developing nations of Brazil, some parts of Asia and splattering interest in Europe. The sports nonetheless have over 900 million people following it. 

Volleyball is reputed as the only sport with the most national federation at more than 200. Notable events include Women and Men’s World Championships, Women and Men’s World Cup and Men and Women Olympics events.

Table Tennis

The only indoor sport on the top five most-watched sports list. 875 million people watch sports with a majority of them in China. The game has quite a following in Korea and Sweden.

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World Table Tennis Championships, ITTF World Tour, Table Tennis World Cup are some of the most popular events.


A global sports no doubt, however, with only 825 million fanbase it comes in as our 7th most watched sports. Basketball has a massive following in America, where it was invented, and China. However, you will find enormous followership of games in other countries in Europe, South America and Africa.

Basketball sure does have massive star power with most of the highest-paid sportspeople associated with the game.

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