7 Interesting Facts About Rubbish

Unfortunately, whatever we do as humans these days tends to produce some kind of waste material. Whether it’s in the production of it, the storage, or the consumption, there always seems to be something left behind. It’s something we are working on as a global issue because 7.8 billion people producing waste is a lot and before we know it we’re going to be full up. There are of course some situations where we just can’t help it and it’s usually in situations like building work or clearing out your home. Most of these things can be recycled but some things need to be thrown away. In the following article, we take a look at 7 interesting facts about the rubbish you probably didn’t know.

Daily Rubbish

As I have previously stated there are some situations where throwing away rubbish is a necessity as there is literally nothing else we can do with it. It’s even better when you find a company that will try and recycle anything they possibly can whilst picking up your trash. The professionals at https://dumpstercompany.org/ state that having an easy pick up is essential when it comes to cleaning out your home. There’s enough to worry and stress about without being forwarded between different trash companies all day. Having a dumpster delivered to your home so you can throw everything out will save a lot of time and money.

Each day the average person generates around 4 pounds of trash every day, that’s the same as 1.5 tonnes a year! Each! That’s a huge amount of trash that we can make a conscious effort to reduce.

A Stadium?!

Sports are enormous in America and rightly so, sporting events are enormous and they’re often quite the spectacle! Enormous stadiums are filled with spectators urging their favorite team to win whatever event they’re watching and what goes hand in hand with sports? Food. There are arguably some of the most famous food places in and around American sports stadiums and on game day they are rammed. This does, unfortunately, cause a lot of waste amongst the sports spectator community.

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Americans on average make more than 200 million tons of garbage each year, that’s enough to fill up the Busch Stadium from top to bottom. Twice a day!

Glass Bottles

There are arguments that state that glass is better for the environment than plastic and in many ways it is as it’s far easier to recycle and can be used over and over again. The production of glass is where it’s damage to the environment comes in, it uses an awful lot of water in the creation process. There are, however, a huge number of improvements in both the glass and plastic industries to help with the amount that can be recycled.

In 2009, Americans threw away 9 million tons of glass. If we put that into a visual aid, it’s the equivalent of a line of tractor-trailers stretching from New York to Los Angeles, and back!

Turn Around Time

To continue with the theme of glass, it’s incredible what we can do now with recycling. We finish using it for the product we bought and if you’re conscious enough you’ll put it into recycling instead of the trash can. If you do this it has the opportunity to have a completely new life for a different purpose.

Did you know a recycled glass bottle can end up back on the shelves within 30 days of it being recycled? Incredible.

Food Waste

There’s no getting around the fact that when we are in the supermarket we buy with our eyes and our bellies, sticking to a list is difficult when we are hungry or see anything we fancy. This often results in us overbuying food and chucking it in the fridge, forgetting it’s there and having to throw it away because it goes bad.

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In fact, in the UK they waste 7.2 million tons of food a year, and what’s even more annoying is that half of it is completely edible!

Waste Before Waste

Supermarkets have a strict policy when it comes to the food they have on their shelves which means there are an awful lot of tasty treats that don’t even have the chance to be sold. A staggering 20 – 40% of all fruit and veg is rejected before it even reaches the shelves because it’s not cosmetically pleasing enough. So what on earth happens with it?

Plastic Bags

In the UK they used to get through around 500 million plastic bags every week! That’s an awful lot of plastic waste going into the bin at the end of the day. However, after they introduced a 5 penny charge for a plastic bag that number dropped by 85%. Amazing what such a small charge can do!

There’s no getting around the fact we need to be more careful with our trash, hopefully, these interesting facts will interest you but also make you see that there is a lot more we need to do as a global nation.

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