Top 7 Reasons To Start Learning A New Language Right Now

There are roughly 6500 languages in the world, and the number of people that only speak 1 is worrying. As a global nation, we should be encouraging everyone to learn at least two languages as a child not only to open their horizons but as a form of education. Learning a new language goes hand in hand with learning about other cultures, which thankfully, has become an essential part of the modern world. Different cultures and languages surround us, so why on earth aren’t we sinking ourselves into learning?

Here are seven reasons to start learning a new language right now.


Have you ever been in a situation where you’re standing in a local shop trying to find something and the shopkeeper doesn’t understand you, and you don’t understand them? I think we all have, and I’m not saying every time you go to another country, you should be learning the entire language, but showing some respect and learning the basics is a good start. You will have a much better time abroad if you speak more than one language, try and chose the most commonly spoken languages, and you’re sure to find someone that speaks one of them. Transport, eating out, and meeting new people will become much easier and a lot more fun if you can talk to people freely.

Try Something New

We are creatures of habit and will happily spend the majority of our lives doing the same things day in and day out. While this may suit some people, it’s the quickest way to get too comfortable and lose ourselves in existence. If we want to keep the brain healthy and not fall into the trap of staying where you are for 30 years, then learning a language is the perfect way to do so. There are so many ways to learn a language these days, one of the best ways is learning languages with native speakers and there are even hacks that make learning easier, something we all love to hear!

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The experts at believe that the reason so many people stop learning a language is that the material isn’t fun. Finding courses online that engage you as a learner will help immensely in the initial stages of learning and make you want to continue. Have fun while learning? Sounds great to me.

Better Your Career 

Wherever you are working, having a second language under your belt is immensely useful for many different reasons. Not only can you communicate with others in your company better (assuming there are multiple nationalities in your company), you can also talk to potential customers that you couldn’t before. There are many companies that pay better for those that speak more than one language for these reasons. Knowing two languages shows you have the ability to communicate with many people, which is very appealing to many companies.

Social Life

You might have a brilliant group of friends that you socialize with every day, and my point is not to take that away but to add to it. Being able to speak to more people is going to broaden where and who you hang out with. You might find someone with exactly the same interests as you, and you would never have found them if you didn’t speak another language.


Our brain needs stimulation, and when we fall into a monotonous routine, it often won’t work to its full potential. When our minds are active, they tend to be far more creative, and when we teach it new things, it will look at other things in a new light. You might find an entirely new look on life after you learn another language.

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They say each person has a soulmate, but what if they speak different languages? I’m sure there have been many instances where two people meet and like the look of each other so much they want to get to know them, but the language barrier is too much. Defeat these situations, go and find new love with your new skill.

Keep Your Brain Healthy 

Our body ages, and it seems pretty obvious, but we lose track of our minds. All of a sudden, it seems as though we can’t remember as much as we used too, or we can’t remember things as well. This transition feels like it happens overnight, but in reality, it’s probably because we haven’t been using our brain to the best of its ability. Learning a language is a fun and nicely testing activity to do that will keep your mind sharper for longer.

Language is something we have, and you can’t deny it, the only problem is many people’s lack of desire to learn a new one. If these 7 points aren’t enough, then I suggest you do a little more research into it because the possibilities are literally endless. Start enjoying life more by learning a language.

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