How To Make Your Parents Happy

You are one of, if not the best things to ever happen to your parents. It only makes sense to make happy the people who made you happy while you were growing up and gave you everything they could. When you were a tot, they were probably happy just because you finished your food. As a teen, the day you cleaned your room was a day of celebration for them. Now that you’re an adult, it’s time to find other ways to make your parents happy, and there are many ways. Parents love their kids unconditionally. If you ignore them, they will still love you, but they’ll be hurt. Do things for your parents, with the purpose in mind to bring them joy. Here are a few things you can do starting right now.

Show Respect

Just because you’re all grown-up, and maybe have your own kids, a good job, and make good money, that in no way means disrespecting your parents. There’s no doubt that there are often disagreements between adult children and parents. Even when you don’t see eye-to-eye on some matters, keep the respect going and voice your opinion without degrading theirs.

Find Solutions

Take a good look at your parents’ life and find where potential problems may stem from. Maybe they need more medical care, or maybe they need help around the house. It could be anything and probably more than one thing.

A major problem is leaving elderly parents to fend on their own. This is a dangerous and unhealthy situation for them, especially if you only have one parent. If you live in Australia, you can have your parents move into one of the many senior residential facilities available, spread in different locations. Any of these facilities, as seen by the experts at Arcare, allow the elderly to live within a safe and active community, putting your mind at ease that your parents are receiving the best care from professional staff tending to them, while also finding many people to socialize with. You also have the option of having parents receive homecare support, whether it’s transportation to get around or domestic help. Whatever is in your hands to improve on or solve, if it means a better quality of life for them, do it.

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Spend More Time with Them

We know there’s barely enough time in the day to tend to our own needs. We get caught up in the rat-race and might not even realize how much time has passed since we last saw or spoke to our parents, especially if you don’t live near them. Stay in touch with them more often and you don’t need a special holiday to visit. Surprise them more with some long weekend stays and devote that time to them.

Understand Them

Everyone changes. They change because of experience, circumstances, because of illness and disease, or just from aging. As a person ages, they see and deal with issues differently than they would have dealt with them in their younger years. It’s your responsibility to try and understand where they’re coming from. What didn’t irritate them in their 40s might irate them in their 60s. The opposite is also true; what upset them in their 30s might not have the same negative impact on them now. If you’ve been out of the house and on your own for a long time, these changes may seem sudden, but lots of them aren’t. Understand that aging is a bunch of losses; from losing and the weakening of most body functions to the loss of close friends.

Let Parents Do What They Want

As long as they are not hurting themselves or others, let them be. If your parents are elderly, you’ve probably noticed that the roles have reversed; you become the parent. You may mean well, but it could feel patronizing to them. Feeling useful is a genuine feeling and gives motivation. Even if they come up with an outlandish idea they want to try; as long as there is no harm in it, let them. Encourage them to be active and social. Most people don’t like to be bossed around, and keep in mind you may not share the same view on something. There is nothing to say that your view is right and theirs is wrong.

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We haven’t exhausted all ideas by any means. But we’re confident that any of these tips can be appreciated more by a parent than any expensive gift. As both of you grow older, even though it’s normal for a parent to love unconditionally, deep in their heart they are expecting a bit more effort from you to put a smile on their face.

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