Benefits Of Moving From Email To Ticket Tracking Software

The amount of traffic a help desk receives each day continually increases, as companies find new ways to meet their customer needs with products and services. Being able to thrill your customer is what separates you from the competition, and your level of customer support is admirable. Customers want to feel noticed and cared for, and the work that your people are doing delivers on the individualized attention your customers demand. Each new achievement in customer satisfaction increases your base audience, which spurs growth in product and service areas. The features and applications that your customers have access to can overwhelm your once efficient system.

Moving Past the Status Quo

In the past, your company could use email to handle customer complaints or inquires. It was efficient, but now the stakes are so much higher. More complicated issues can arise from a much larger consumer base, bogging down your customer service agents in tedious information searches and delayed response times. While having an email system has it own uses and benefits, you company would benefit from changing over to a ticket tracking software. By using a ticketing system, you develop an IT management strategy that is efficient, organized, focused, and effective. These are competitive advantages, since operating like this will directly impact your cost and reviews, public brand image, and customer retention. Ticketing systems become a way to help your agents deal with any of the incidents or issues that arise with consumer purchases or accounts, but it can also be a way to work through employee needs as well.  Ticketing manages the incident from start to finish, put your people in control all the way through. While your employees may not want to give up on their email systems, here are several benefits you can share with them to overcome any blowback.

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The Centralization of Information

With a ticketing system, you don’t have to CC several different individuals for a record of their activity on an account. The ticket that gets opened for the issue contains the entire history associated with the issue. You can’t lose the information in a ticket like you can in an email inbox, potentially having to dig around in the spam or trash folder for the last known contact on the issue. The ticketing system continues to document each step of the process and can be pulled up in a matter of seconds through the tracking application. Everyone with access to the tracking system gets the same information at any given time.

The Efficiency in Reporting

Customers don’t like to be kept waiting, and when supervisors are trying to handle an issue but have to track down several employees and their notes, the customer may not get a call back for days. Using a tracking system makes it easier to determine which employees are working the most efficiently. The software has tracking and reporting metrics that are built into it, allowing you to run a query on a specific teammate for a specific day or a report for a monthly total of closed tickets.

The Prioritization of the Workflow

Trying to wade through customer needs and weight them against employee needs is both stressful and counterproductive. Unless your people are able to instantly communicate with each other, you won’t know which needs should be handled first. When you use email, many people read the oldest emails first and work their way to the newest. This could establish a reverse approach to handling priorities. Ticket tracking systems give you the ability to customize your workflow and prioritize areas needing more immediate resolution.

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The Addition of Transparency

Ticket tracking and the use of the reporting features will give your company a better overview of which teams, departments, or areas are getting the most support requests. Customer data may lead you to an understanding of a product that has malfunctioned or an error in a certain self-service option. When you can pinpoint where a problem is, you are better able to allocate your resources to handle it more efficiently and swiftly. Emails don’t provide you with this overview of company operations.

The Increase in Collaboration

Most people don’t like to share their email inbox, making it harder to fully collaborate when a resolution is needed. When you use ticket tracking, everyone is able to view or edit the information in the ticket. This means that you can bring in as many people as you need to address an issue since they will all have access to the same information and in real-time.

The more customers you have and the more products you offer, the more requests for help your company will receive. One person won’t be able to handle all incoming concerns, but having a lot of people trying to access information and work on multiple accounts can get overwhelming. A ticketing system saves you from these headaches.

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