6 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Ask any investment expert and they will tell you that the best investment you can make is to buy some property. Their value just goes up and up, and if you’re already a homeowner, it’s important that you take care of the property you have. Because if you let it go to ruin, you will be in possession of only a plot of land, and whatever is on it will be worthless. But in the other direction, there are things you can add to your home that will significantly increase its value both for you while you’re living in it and once you decide to sell.

Make the home efficient

Everyone is trying to cut costs, which means that if you can make the home cost less to keep the lights on, your home will jump in value significantly. What does this entail? First of all, insulation. If your home is leaking through all of the windows and doors if the walls are thin and your electricity bill skyrockets whenever the weather isn’t perfect – you need to fix that. A well-insulated house will save you thousands down the line. Secondly, you want to make sure that all of the electrical work is compliant with the latest energy-efficient methods and perhaps even add a solar panel or two that will cover a part of the supply. These are big investments that will pay off big time.

Add square footage

Obviously, bigger is better. According to https://socalhomebuyers.com/, the first thing that homebuyers look at is the square footage of the house. No matter the condition, this will come first. If there is any way to expand the usable square footage of your home, do it. This could be an expansion to your kitchen to bring it out into the garden or an entire extra floor. If you have space, you can also consider making a guest house: it’s the most convenient option because it doesn’t disturb your home while it’s under construction and it counts as square footage.

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Keep it fresh

We’ve mentioned the importance of upkeep, but let’s cover what exactly that means. Every couple of years, you should do a thorough refresh of your home – especially if you’re preparing to sell. This means a fresh coat of paint on all the walls – both inside and outside – and perhaps even new flooring. Of course, if you have some quality hardwood floors, a refinish will do fine, but if your floors have been worn down with time, it’s time to get some new ones.

Upgrade doors and windows

Having modern, high-quality doors and windows is an important upgrade for your home. We’ve already mentioned one reason why new doors and windows are important, and that’s insolation. Old, wooden frames often let heat through, so new frames with good seals will fix that. In addition to insolation, good doors and windows will give you extra protection. Something you can securely lock and make sure nobody can get in if they’re not supposed to will help you sleep better at night, especially in a family home.

New hardware

You don’t usually sell your appliances together with your home, but taking the faucets with you would be a bit extreme. New, updated hardware such as faucets, drains, light switches, door handles, and outlets will give the feeling of a modern and maintained home. This is one of the most inexpensive changes you can make that will make a huge difference. Make sure you are getting high-quality items and that you are matching the style of the whole house. Something vintage won’t mix well with something minimalist and modern, so stick to a theme.

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Plant in your garden

The easiest thing in the world is to pull out a plant you don’t like. But there’s no money in the world that can make a tree grow faster, and there’s never a better time to plant a tree than right now because a big tree that gives shade will be a perfect, priceless addition to the yard. You can also plant a hedge or other flowers. If you’re not that into gardening, pick something low-maintenance and set up a watering system that requires minimal work. A beautiful garden will always draw in buyers. If you’re not familiar with tree planting you can consult these Milwaukee arborists for tree planting advice and Murrieta tree care experts.

Most importantly – treat your home with respect. People who are buying homes know that they are also buying the home’s history. So if you love living in that home and you have a happy life, your home will reflect that: it will be well maintained and taken care of, and that isn’t something that goes unnoticed.

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