The Importance Of Staying Connected Through Technology

As social animals, we have an inbuilt need for human contact. While this adage can vary significantly per person, the underlying truth of the statement is undeniable. In a modern world where our lives are increasingly digital, however, basic ideas of human interactivity can be lost through an appeal to a more convenient lifestyle.

Properly leveraged though, the ideas of utilizing technology and achieving personal connections don’t need to be as contradictory as they can seem. Using some popular examples from business, entertainment, and our home lives, we want to illustrate what the technological world can bring, and how it can help us stay grounded, even through the digital ether.

Business Communication

As anyone who’s started up their day to dozens of waiting emails can tell you, the advantages of computers are not always all they’re cracked up to be. There are situations, however, where these systems can be life-savers. In our correspondence, the most positive examples that most people reported with video systems like Zoom come from an increase in understanding and cooperation with the workmates they value most.

Where meeting up with colleagues at work and sharing ideas around the water-cooler is lost in the increasing number of remote professions, face-to-face video contact can provide a replacement. Understanding context and humor is that much easier in this way than over email, relieving stress and converting what can be an alienating experience in a personal one.

“Bubbles in the water cooler” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by quinn.anya

Entertainment Use

While digital entertainment offers us considerable flexibility, there can be no denying that they can breed passivity. Through digital systems, we don’t necessarily engage as much as we absorb, and while minor, this can be yet another function of our lives which serves to separate us.

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It is because of this that more connected forms of entertainment have proven such breakout hits. For example, consider the games available at the Leovegas live casino. The addition of a live-streamed dealer into home games like roulette, mega ball, and hold’em, can give players a feeling of humanity that traditional methods simply do not. With systems like these, we aren’t just there, we’re actively participating.

Staying Connected

It’s increasingly common for people to move away from their birthplace later in life. For most of us, staying connected with the ones we love is a constant must, but there is always something lost through audio-only chat. Psychologically, it could be that since we forge connections with people on a visual and proximal basis, being with them mentally without these components can be difficult.

With the ever-growing ubiquity of systems like Facebook Chat, Skype, and Houseparty, we can help break down unconscious barriers, to reconnect in ways we didn’t even realize we had lost. It’s not exactly as great as being there in person, but the simple act of seeing friends and family can trigger feelings of familiarity and love in what is still an important and appreciable way.

“Skype” (CC BY 2.0) by Glen Bledsoe

Whether born out of distance, costs, weather, or any other concerns which can disconnect us from social relationships, we’re no longer as fundamentally confined as we once were. As much as it might be tempting to overlook or underrate even simple methods of face-to-face digital communication, the advantages of making the leap can be too great to ignore. From helping yourself or getting others back into the world, you shouldn’t disregard just how much staying connected visually can help.

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