Shift Shopping: Making Shopping Easier And Safer During The Pandemic

As physical stores closed their doors and more workers found themselves stuck at home, the shopping behaviors of many consumers began to shift at a rapid pace. Due to the lack of stock in stores, safety concerns, and the need for social distancing, many people have now had to do their shopping online.

In fact, a new survey conducted by IBM shows that the pandemic has accelerated a shift from traditional stores to online shopping by around five years. Many of the survey respondents indicate they have now started shopping online for items they would typically buy at the local stores.

What Are Consumers Buying in Large Quantities?

The shift to online shopping saw an increase in orders across all categories handled by e-commerce stores. For instance, some stores have reported recording an increase of up to sixty-five percent for the hardware category. It appears more people are looking to keep their idle hands busy during the pandemic.

It’s a fact that has seen many of them take on DIY home projects that they may have been putting off for years. As many workers begin working remotely, they have had to set up temporary home offices. The office supplies category has noticed an uptick of around forty-five percent as delivers to the workers the supplies they need to get work done.

Other categories that have noted a notable uptick include software, sporting goods, and toys, and games. Consumers have also resorted to buying their groceries online and having them delivered to their homes. Many of them have found themselves buying tobacco, beverages, and food online for the very first time.

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What Shoppers aren’t Buying in Plenty

While some categories have seen a surge, others haven’t been so lucky. For instance, the only verticals that have recorded a decline in the number of orders made were apparel and accessories. Previously, consumers purchased clothes for ceremonial and religious purposes. But with everybody now being stuck indoors, many haven’t seen the need to do so.

It’s especially true considering that large events such as holiday celebrations and weddings have all been canceled in the UK and around the world. Bags and luggage categories have also noticed a decline since most governments have also discouraged unnecessary travel.

What Most Consumers Are Prioritizing

Apart from what the consumers are buying, a new survey also shows that many of them have shifted priorities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, many consumers placed emphasis on quality, price, and brand, in that order whenever they were shopping online.

However, many are now focusing on availability, pricing model, and quality. Availability is the primary concern, given that many shoppers have had to do with product shortages at certain stores where they may have tried to complete a purchase. Many consumers say they are trying to get by, but things are proving tricky for them.

As the situation around the world continues to normalize, the significant shift to e-commerce will likely continue to accelerate innovation in the industry.

Shift Shopping—What Is It?

Shift Shopping is a subscription service that enables consumers to shop from major retailers and supermarkets from the comfort of their homes and to have their goods delivered to them. At the moment, Click and Collect and Home Delivery services are in short supply in the UK, hence the need to consider Shift Shopping.

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Whether you want to stock up on your essential, order materials for an ongoing DIY project, or to top-up on your supply of fresh goods, this service has got your covered. It provides you with complete control over the store items guaranteeing a stress-free shopping experience. You get to order everything you want from the comfort of your home.

You are probably wondering why you should use this service. Well, the service stands out from what the retailers typically offer. Shift Shoppers are provided with better paying routes and flexible and highly simplified service. It gets to use the delivery vehicles already on the road in a more efficient manner.

Other benefits include contact-free delivery, no limit on the number of orders a customer can place, and new stores are being added daily. The service is also highly convenient, with deliveries being made whenever you need them.

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