How Industries Like Online Bingo Have Made The Online Experience More Social

Throughout the past two decades, digital advancements have led the way for social experiences. In many ways, web-based entertainment and media platforms have significantly altered methods of communication in the 21st century. The internet has become far more than just a technological development that provides information and news, transforming the day-to-day existence of vast numbers of people.

A social revolution lies at the heart of this rise in internet activities. Although it may not always feel like it, there’s a growing belief that the web has made a generation of people better social beings, according to a report by Smithsonian Magazine. While many industries have sought to bring heightened levels of communication to their developments, few have done so as successfully as the online bingo sector, which has seamlessly intertwined social elements with action-packed offerings. So, let’s analyze the growth of web-based sociality and consider the impact of online bingo.

The Journey of Online Communications

The role of the internet is continually evolving. Unlike in years gone by, the perception that the service was merely a solitary experience that lacked the personal element has eroded. To illustrate the sheer volume of people currently using social media, there are more than 3.8 billion people signed up to the various platforms, as per statistics from We Are Social at the time of writing. To put this into perspective, the same report states that more than 4.5 billion people now use the internet, showcasing that most are active on social media.

While, of course, platforms like Facebook and Twitter maintain something of a solitary nature – the users choose with whom and when they interact – the sites pride themselves on encouraging cross-community integration. That has played a central role in the growth of online communities.

According to data at GlobalWebIndex, there was a four percent increase in online community participation between 2017 and 2019. As of last year, the total sat at 76 percent of all internet users. This is testament to the internet’s ever-growing social nature, buoyed by the emergence of new online communities. Along with being driven by informal users, this advancement can also be attributed to businesses, who have sought to further increase consumer engagement in their products and services. As a result, it’s hard to ignore the fact that social media platforms have become entertainment hubs that rely on user engagement.

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Technological Developments Leading to Better Social Interaction and Community Building

Although much of this evolution relates to changing social habits and trends, the potential to be social on the internet has been made possible by forward-thinking technological improvements. Following the rise of digitalization, chat room variants have reached unprecedented heights in recent years. For example, software alterations enabled the creation of WhatsApp, which, according to Statista, was the most-used global messaging app of July 2020 concerning active users. The study states that the platform had approximately 700 million more users than Facebook Messenger at the time.

Social messaging apps like WhatsApp showcase improved social aspects in technological settings.
Image by M. H. from Pixabay

Aside from traditional text-based social interaction, advancements in virtual reality chatrooms have become increasingly popular. Released back in February 2017, VRChat combines elements of community building with the power of VR to create a model-based multiplayer social platform. The development enables players to communicate with various users across the globe in a more engaging, light-hearted manner.

Furthermore, the integration of chatbox features has made remote services more personal. Although the concept is often utilized in many different ways, its sole purpose traditionally concerns providing consumers with a convenient route to specific communities. Interestingly, this is where online bingo begins to assert itself as a leading player in the social revolution. Wink Bingo, for example, has been able to integrate its own chatbox service, which provides an immersive route to its many bingo services. From buying tickets to organizing games and chatting with the community, the feature places social interaction at the heart of the platform.

How Online Bingo Has Been a Central Player in this All-Inclusive Progression

Fundamentally, online bingo has always had the foundations in place to bring back social elements to various forms of digital entertainment. Since the numbers-based game first came to fruition in the 1500s, it has always been a development that encourages community participation and social engagement. These foundations have been one of the main reasons why the industry has been able to homogenize these community-oriented technologies into one service.

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As evident from chatboxes, the online bingo sector has been at the forefront in relation to molding modern-day variants of old-school activities around heightened community engagement. The industry has created a model around which other sectors are now able to center their progression. One activity can only go so far on its own merits in the digital era – what the integration of chat services does is to allow online bingo to stay ahead of the curve in offering an immersive service that utilizes various technological advancements.

Bingo has been one of the catalysts in encouraging the use of chatboxes. Source: Pikist

Crucially, this has been paramount to the sector’s contemporary resurgence. During the late 2000s and early 2010s – that is, prior to this innovation – the traditional bingo industry was enduring a troublesome period across land-based establishments. However, the decision to intertwine gaming and community-building has proved to be a fruitful one. The digital bingo market has managed to once again flourish as a result.

Leading the Digital Social Revolution

Few can argue that the internet hasn’t endured a transitional phase in the 21st century. No longer is the platform offering users nothing more than a solitary experience. Instead, community spirit and sociality have become integral to modern-day developments.

While this revolution has not been solely down to the innovative nature of online bingo, the sector’s insistence on adopting a more community-driven approach has undoubtedly paved the way for other sectors to follow suit. In turn, this socially-driven internet era will likely continue throughout the next few decades, and beyond.

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