Learning From Successful Online Veterans For Your eCommerce Venture

While companies and businesses still greatly rely on the use of offices and headquarters to structure activities and have work centralized for efficiency, a tremendous amount of customer interactions are now taking place online.

Many businesses that sell services or products are all-but expected to have an online presence, often being needed to perform business transactions online. However, if you’ve established an online retail venture or are looking to grow into the eCommerce space, there are some key aspects that you need to nail to ensure that you’re making the most of the wildly accessible platform.

Being a free and open space, it’s not difficult to explore the internet and see how other brands are utilizing the platform. Still, it’s always best to look to those who are exceeding expectations and setting the standard for sites. So, let’s see what we can learn from some online veterans who have climbed to the top.

Images really matter to your website

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It seems like a given, but there are so many websites that don’t use image spaces to their full potential. One of the big issues is the lack of relevant, high-quality images. Many new websites opt for free online stock photos, but these can be damaging to a website’s image. Furthermore, anything less than true HD-quality photos will make your website, and so, by extension, your brand, appear weak.

You don’t need many; in fact, just one image can be the difference between a user staying or going, with Hebe offering a splendid example of the proper use of images. As soon as you land on their page, it’s one high-definition image of a happy person with one of their products. It’s classy, eye-catching, and encourages you to go further. If that image were in low-definition, the website would lose its modern aesthetic and appeal.

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Promote your new and exclusive stuff

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The ease of access of the internet has changed the way that customers interact with businesses, being able to move between several in a matter of minutes as opposed to needing to put in the effort to browse. Due to this, if a customer comes to a site after having visited before and everything’s the same, it will appear as though it’s stagnating. On the flip side, showcasing new and exclusive stuff regularly or changing offers and promotions can create a need for customers to keep checking back so that they don’t miss out on the new stuff that they potentially want to buy.

This can be seen on top websites that offer online shopping as well as those who provide an online service, such as in online casino gaming. As an entertainment platform, there’s even more of an impetus on casino brands to be fresh, new, and exciting. Now, you can see that some of the most popular video slots are the ones labeled as new or exclusive.

Exclusive games like Royal Panda Branded Megaways encourage consumers to stay with the site as it’s the only place to play the popular game. Slots marked as new, like Mystery Museum and 6 Wild Sharks, show that there’s a flow of new experiences arriving and that it’s worth checking back regularly to see the latest, most popular releases.

Free shipping is the difference-maker

Photo by Yu Hosoi on Unsplash

As relayed by Inc, the vast majority of consumers are more likely to shop at a website where free shipping is promised in some capacity, with this majority amounting to 88 percent. Wherever it’s possible, free shipping has become a necessity to promote a website and to encourage customers to spend more on products – due to the lack of need to pay for something that they essentially don’t perceive as valuable.

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The titan of free shipping is, undoubtedly, Amazon. The eCommerce goliath has based its primary business model on free delivery. First, much of what is available through Amazon doesn’t charge a delivery fee. However, the company went further, offering a chance to pay a relatively small subscription fee to get the free and fast delivery, with one and two-day deliveries guaranteed for free (after subscribing).

You’ll find a diverse variety of successful websites out there, all tweaked and tailored to best-represent the products and services on offer. However, just about every site can benefit from the use of HD images, offering free shipping, and promoting new and exclusive offerings regularly.

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