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The Many Benefits Of Virtual Events — And How You Can Successfully Host One

89% of consumers feel that live events are the most effective medium in increasing product understanding, according to one study by Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic. However, that’s just one benefit of holding a virtual event. With their convenience and ability to reach a wide audience, many businesses are now resorting to virtual events for a number of different reasons — whether it be conferences or seminars. For those looking to host an event anytime soon, here are three tips that can help to maximize your potential for success.

Why go virtual?

While many businesses still heavily rely on in-person events, going virtual can hold a myriad of unique benefits. For instance, virtual events can easily allow for a wider audience, since participants can attend from anywhere that they have an internet connection. Depending on the industry, virtual events can host additional benefits — for example, a business in the beauty industry may use a virtual event to launch and demonstrate a new product. It’s important to keep in mind that cyber events can be held in a number of different ways — including Facebook or Instagram live streaming, webinars, or through video chatting platforms such as Zoom. Specialized platforms specifically for hosting virtual events are another option to consider as well. These platforms often include helpful tools like breakout rooms, templates and engagement tools, which can all help you to better host an event.

The importance of value

When looking to host a virtual event, maximizing your potential can easily be done by providing your participants with some kind of value. One way to offer value is by having a special guest speaker present. Offering the chance to win a giveaway, such as a free class, is another option that can offer value to participants as well (and may even entice more people to attend). Keeping your participants engaged is another way to maximize your potential for success in a virtual event. In fact, 49% of marketers report that audience engagement is the largest contributing factor to a successful event. In addition to providing valuable content, this can be achieved through interactive polls, as well as videos, which helps the audience to stay engaged throughout the entire event. 

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Virtual events are rapidly becoming more and more popular, and bring a multitude of benefits to the table. For those looking to host their first virtual event (or simply want to enhance the experience), maximizing your potential for success by providing value and keeping things interesting through engagement techniques is a step in the right direction.

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