The Most Popular Activities To Watch On Twitch

When it comes to the perfect content for you to stream on twitch, the essential factors involved in making choices is your skillset and the things that you love. You can rest assured that there is an endless list of things to stream and games to play. Below a couple of the most popular activities to watch on twitch.

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#1 Just Chatting

While it is factual that Just Chatting is a famous category and it would be almost impossible to find smaller streamers in it if they do not narrow down their searches. You can have a discussion on a variety of themes starting from Starburst slots games not on Gamstop to physics or any other science. It can be a fantastic way to get in touch with a broader audience or even transition between two varying games. 

Just Chatting streams mainly have these in common:

  • No dead air as streamer continues to create content
  • Connecting with the audience 
  • Ability to decide the pace and also engage with viewers by asking the correct questions

Why Should New Streamers Try Just Chatting?

A large percentage of new streamers are most likely to hide behind a game while they learn how to stream. In a way, new players keep hoping that the game has to do a bulk of the entertainment, so they have to do very little or no talking. Nevertheless, players are forced out of their comfort spaces as they learn to keep talking despite the lack of an active community at the moment.

#2 FPS Are a Good option

Players may love FPS Games as they can best be considered the most popular thing to stream on twitch. On the other hand, FPS computer games are also one of the most famous genres to stream; thus, it is much harder to be noticed among your competition. 

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If you are one of those looking to grow a massive audience while playing well-known games in this genre (like Fortnite), you will acquire above-average skills for you to increase your audience.

Games in the FPS range are quite common amongst twitch users. On the other hand, despite its popularity, getting the recognition you desire amongst competitors may be quite challenging.

Nevertheless, if you are determined to boost your audience as you play games in the FPS range, you may want to consider getting skills that are above average.

Why should you consider FPS Games?

To decide whether or not to FPS games are a good option on twitch, you have to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Are you more skilled than the average player of the selected game?
  • Do you naturally have a flawless kill ratio?
  • How excited are you about playing games in this range?
  • Do you love to play games in this range?

#3 You May Want To Consider MOBA Games

Just like FPS, players can consider MOBAs quite a popular category of games on Twitch. Viewers have the chance to view gameplay that is fast-paced but does not have to pause for the game to restart when a player dies. For the above reason, while skilled players may still find a way to pull viewership, a player’s quality of entertainment carries the weight on the possibility of growing a thriving community. 

Why should you stream MOBAs on Twitch?

The following are aspects that you must consider when you think about streaming MOBAs:

  • Because each MOBA character comes with different abilities, users can always find new ways to create content, either by mastering a particular role or trying something new.
  • Each MOBA game lasts between 15-45 minutes. Players who only have little time will tune into your channel and have their fill while on their break. These kinds of games fit perfectly into people’s busy schedules.
  • MOBA games feature good pacing, allowing players to continue playing while engaging with chats by telling stories or even answering questions. 
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#4 MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) Games

MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games are perfect for streamers who happen to be natural storytellers and love to do more than one thing while they stream. Most MMO games have a variety of activities that will keep you busy, allowing players to match the pace of their chat with their gaming activity. 

Why should you stream MMOs on Twitch?

MMO games can be grindy. This means that unless a player is grinding in a more dangerous area, they will have to compensate for these slow and tedious sessions with superb storytelling or something else to keep the audience interested.

When there is a new MMO, try your best to get toward the end game immediately. Those who are still on a lower level and grinding will be eager to see what is available in the future. 

These are 4 of the most popular activities to watch on twitch. There are several others, such as party games, community server games, and Indie games that may also tickle your fancy.

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