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Got The Gaming Bug? Here’s Your Next Trip For 2021

While we may all be stuck in currently, there has been a huge rise in gaming. The pandemic has seen the likes of online casinos really thrive and millions of players are now enjoying the likes of slots, poker, roulette and blackjack on a daily basis.

The rise in players is expected to see the industry rise to be worth $92.86billion by 2023 according to European Gaming as the boom really kicks in.

Players are really enjoying it at the moment, making the most of the offers. Free bets are incentivised bonuses that are really helping maximise that boom, with new players getting the taste for gaming and that’s going to have a knock on effect as travel becomes available once again.

The gaming getaway has long been popular and once things get back to as normal as can be, we’re going to see increased demands for this type of break.

But what are the best destinations for a gaming holiday?

Las Vegas

We’ll of course start with the obvious and viva Las Vegas. Sin City has long been the home of gambling and is well known as America’s Playground. With hundreds of casinos across the Strip, including iconic resorts such as the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and the MGM Grand, it really is a Paradise for players.

With plenty of attractions to boot, including musical residencies, zoos, gardens, swimming pools and more, as well as fine dining, incredible night clubs and day trips to the Grand Canyon available, you really won’t find a more action packed adventure with plenty of casino floor space to enjoy too.

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Known as the Las Vegas of the east, Macau is a special administrative region of China and well known for its gambling. Like Las Vegas, it has tons of extravagant hotels, some the very same as in Nevada, such as The Venetian, Wynn and Las Vegas Sands.

Unlike Vegas, there’s also a historic side too, with the region formerly colonised by Portugal. The Old Town is a World Heritage Site, and offers a welcome break from the tables and is a truly glorious place to explore.

The Historic Centre of Macau, as it is known, is full of interesting sights, from temples to the famous Moorish Barracks, as well as theatres lighthouses and more in what is a truly intriguing day out and one that can’t be matched anywhere in the world. 

There’s of course plenty of dining options within the 41 casino resorts across Macau, while entertainment comes at a premium too. If you’re wanting something a little different from Vegas, but the same great fun then Macau may be for you.

Monte Carlo

Located by the South of France, Monte Carlo is an area of Monaco which oozes class. Famous for its Grand Prix you won’t find a weekend like it, with all the rich and famous heading to the Monte Carlo Casino for a throw of the craps dice.

The casino itself dates back to 1863 and has welcomed the likes of royals, Hollywood stars and plenty of big-name athletes and musicians down the years, as well as being the star of many films itself, including James Bond.

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It’s one of the most lavish and exclusive casinos on the planet and if you wish to play there is a dress code, so don’t forget your tux! 

Within the casino you’ll find all the best table games as well as some real fine dining too. Of course, Monte Carlo has plenty of this to offer too, in what is a real playground for the elite.

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