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Surprising Facts About The Biggest Stars And Their Homes

Most celebrities do not lead their lives like us mortals. Most of them are literally bathing in money, so it’s no surprise that their houses look astonishing. No one can deny that these people love to take things to the next level by purchasing expensive furniture and installing things most of us can only dream of.

And who could blame them? We would probably do the same, only if we were able to. Not to mention that celebrities love to indulge themselves by acquiring expensive cars made by Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Maserati, and many others.

Today, we will focus on their breathtaking homes. You can assume that most of them are worth millions of dollars and look quite luxurious and extravagant. After all, why would they have a typical “normal” house when they can afford anything. Let’s check them out!

Listing The Most Amazing Houses

Anne Hathaway

An Oscar-winning actress and her husband Adam Shulman, a jewelry designer, have a lovely home in California. As expected, it looks quite rustic and intriguing. This place was destroyed by fire more than a hundred years ago, and then it was rebuilt. One of the most popular fashion designers, Yves Saint Laurent, lived in it. 

Then, at one point, popular movie director Wes Anderson moved in and completely changed the interior with his hipster, unique style. Hathaway stated that she instantly fell in love with the house the minute she saw it. She could really imagine herself living there and raising a family. Anne accentuates that this house is a mixture of perfect design and romance.

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Rita Ora

The famous singer grew up in London, so she decided to continue living her life in this wonderful city. Surprisingly, (although quite big) her house is relatively humble for such a huge star but is definitely one of the most beautiful celebrity houses in London, that’s for sure. It is placed in a peaceful cul-de-sac where Rita often brings some of her closest friends and throws spectacular parties. According to some rumors, the 6ft high hedge around the front of the home is actually not real and that it has been made out of plastic. Still, the British singer doesn’t care too much about it since she is already planning on purchasing an apartment in Los Angeles as well!

Jennifer Lopez

This woman is famous for her lavish style, and her home is no different from it. Earlier, this house was on the market for 40 million dollars; however, Jennifer managed to purchase it for 28 million four years ago. Her nest features thirteen bathrooms, seven bedrooms, and was designed by a famous architect Samuel Marx, eighty years ago. Furthermore, this Bel Air mansion also comes with ten carved wood or stone fireplaces, a 30-seat screening room, floor-to-ceiling windows, a downstairs pub, and a vaulted ceiling in the living room, and a stone-accented kitchen.

Do not underestimate the outside of this wonderful home because it looks just as breathtaking as the interior. It consists of a terrace with an infinity pool, a vineyard, two guesthouses, an organic vegetable garden, a mini-golf course, and a pagoda with a fire pit.

More Expensive Celebrity Homes

Michael Jordan

This basketball legend owns numerous mansions, and today we are talking about a house that is located in Florida. When he purchased it ten years ago, it was the most expensive non-waterfront home in the region’s Palm Beaches. It’s worth almost fifteen million dollars.

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This spectacular mansion consists of six bedrooms on the second floor, plus five more in other areas of the house. One of the best traits of this place is its location. It is placed in the prestigious Bears Club, a premier golf community created by Jack Nicklaus.


Popular singer from Barbados loves to chill in her home, and who can blame her? If we owned this spectacular 2 million dollar estate, we would do it too! It is located in Los Angeles’s Pacific Palisades and spans 11,000 square feet. This amazing house features nine bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a spa, and a pool. No wonder she loves spending time in this house. 

It’s A Wonderful Life!

house swimming pool

We must admit that we are a bit jealous of these superstars. Who wouldn’t want to own a mansion that looks like the most expensive hotel in the world? Some of them even remind us of castles. These people spend tons of money on their houses and definitely live like royalty. We just listed a few expensive homes, just to give you a glimpse of their luxurious lives.

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