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Las Vegas Wagers On A Smart City

Las Vegas has been associated with many concepts throughout the years. Nevada’s most well-known city has established itself during its over 100 years of history as a touristic attraction and a gambling haven. From an architectural point of view, it has always been with or even ahead of the times. But what would you think if we said it’s also gaining speed in technological development? (No, not only in the efficiency of slot machines.)

Digitalization has been a crucial element for those who play games of chance. Aside from the revolution begun by online platforms, we must single live casino games out. These gaming sessions consist of the punter interacting with a live dealer, thus recreating the experience of wagering at a physical clubhouse. If you are interested in this gambling activity, know that there are also numerous bonuses to enhance your playing experience – you may find them, for example, at

Like all technological progress, Las Vegas going hi-tech might be a bit of a gamble. Below, we shall analyze the significant benefits of this decision and any points that might prove problematic for this all-American gambling giant.

A Safer and Quicker Vegas

The most referenced presentation of Sin City’s technological progress belongs to Laura Bliss, a journalist working for City Lab. Her article presents a city where almost everything can function from a distance. As such, citizens may pay their bills through their electronic devices, with multiple self-serve options. This is a quicker alternative for in-person payments, as you don’t have to wait in a queue or be assigned to a clerk. Moreover, it’s more than mobile-friendly – the most accessible means of paying bills online comes in the form of the GoVegas mobile app.

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Furthermore, the streets are filled with surveillance cameras, and recently, infrared detectors started to appear. Implementing such a system plays a significant role in the decrease of criminality. Significantly, Vegas employed this tactic, as its crime rate is higher than average. It’s only safer than 11% of U.S. cities.

Infrastructure and means of transportation have also gotten a revamp starting with late 2018 and early 2019. L. Bliss recounts that the municipality employed self-driving shuttles, resulting from a partnership with French company Navya. Drivers can park if they register their demands online.

Specifically, for the universe of gambling, punters have the option of making transactions from a distance or choosing their games selection from a platform.

It’s beneficial for people in the workforce, too, as marching technology and the involvement of more and more corporate structures might enlarge the work sectors that people may choose from. It’s especially noteworthy in the case of Vegas, where almost half of the working people operate in volatile industries.

What are the Downsides, Then?

Like in any place that becomes hi-tech, there are concerns regarding the privacy of the people. Continuous surveillance will help prevent crime, but it may also let citizens feeling exposed every single moment they are outside.

Furthermore, aside from the ‘what,’ we should look at the ‘how.’ Most hypermodern cities have got an urbanistic plan, meant to work as a system. In Vegas, it seems not to be the case. The implementation of novel devices is taking place indiscriminately and without thorough feasibility research. The most significant concern expressed by Laura Bliss in her article is that the plethora of pilot projects in Vegas might get stuck in the pilot state.

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The lack of auctions may also lead to worry; in Las Vegas, we can’t speak of multiple firms pitching their digitalization projects. While quickly partnering with companies that hold a lot of promise might seem like a plea for effectiveness, this rapid implementation might not have considered the ups and downs of various other firms in the industry.

Heading Off from Vegas: A Conclusion

One of the world’s most famous cities is going through a high-scale makeover. It consists primarily of high-speed technological development, and it has its ups and downs. We may look at a safer and more diverse Vegas. However, this increase in safety measures might make the citizens uneasy from a privacy perspective. We shall see how this process unfolds.

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