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Discovering The Perfect Art Style For Your Home

Decorating your home can be a fun but overwhelming process. With so many styles at your disposal from which to choose, finding the perfect art pieces to accent your existing décor and bring color and a focal point to various rooms takes time and careful planning. 

Looking to decorate a room or two in your home? Here are some of the most popular art styles for your home, as well as tips for finding affordable pieces.


Perhaps the most popular art style for at-home decorating, modern art encompasses a variety of bright, vibrant styles, with bold designs and colors perfect for creating a focal point in any room. Despite its name, the category actually encompasses a period of time when the style was created, which lasted from the 1860s to the 1970s. Keep in mind the bold style of modern art might overwhelm an already busy room or a small space. That’s why modern pieces are best for simple interiors or blank walls.


Contemporary art is the art style of today. Playing up to its definition, contemporary art covers a wide range of styles, including mix-media pieces, photography, and other art forms popular today. Besides being perfect for the interior style of a modern home, contemporary art can also work in concert with minimalist, simple, or even rustic décor. 

It’s also a great style to choose when you’re looking to decorate your home on a budget. Perhaps you’re in the market for some affordable art prints that perfectly complement your existing interior design. Then again, if you have a camera of your own, why not try your hand at creating your own contemporary art for your home? The choice is yours.

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While this style often has a modern feel to it, abstract art has actually been around for more than 100 years. In fact, abstract art doesn’t feature a defined subject. Instead, each piece is composed of lines, shapes, and colors meant to evoke emotions in different audiences. 

If the term “abstract” brings to mind only the famous paint splatters and random shapes in bold hues, it’s important to understand that abstract art comes in many different forms. Today, popular varieties include just a few simple shapes on a stark backdrop, with soft lines and gentle shapes, often in muted, modern colors. Because it comes in a wide variety of styles, it’s easy to find an abstract piece that fits every space in your home. 

Art Deco

Unlike most of these styles, art deco encompasses art as well as architecture, product design, and more. The art deco style was heavily influenced by modern styles like cubism and futurism, while also bringing a fresh touch that was quite modern for its time. While it originated in Paris, today you’ll find art deco influence in nearly every major U.S. city.


When impressionism first came into style in the 1860s, it was revolutionary in that the artists creating it were making art based on what they were seeing. While most art during this time focused on re-creating historical scenes or dreaming up stories, impressionist artists sought to capture a moment in time in a style that combined a realistic scene with soft, dream-like brush strokes. Impressionist art is great for decorating formal spaces without making them feel unapproachable. The rich colors give this art style an emotional feeling that makes for a great conversation starter as well.

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Choosing the Right Art Style for Your Home

Adopting an art style that best represents your home is critical in setting the feel or vibe of the space, especially if you want to turn heads and provoke conversation. Whether you’re looking to accent a room or searching for a piece that might just inspire your entire home’s look, adopting any of these art styles can be a great choice.

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