Intellectual Benefits Of Playing Scrabble Game

Unlike many games that are just outlets to evade boredom, Scrabble can serve you in ways you may not have expected. It might feel uncomfortable playing a game that is so intellectually and mentally demanding but think of it as eating vegetables rather than cake. You might enjoy the cake more, but the vegetables offer greater long term benefits. Here’s why Scrabble is a lot like eating vegetables. 

Command of Language

Scrabble requires participants to play around with anagrams. While this skill might seem a little useless, it actually spurs along with language development in a few ways. If you want to practice, then using a site like will help you develop your unscrambling skills faster and learn all kinds of words with odd spellings. This will help you in future games if you can remember them—so you’ll also be empowering your memory as well. 


With spellcheck and autocorrect being a part of our everyday lives, many people are poor spellers. Playing scrabble will give you the chance to work on your spelling skills without any assistance. 


You’ll without a doubt see words played that you weren’t aware existed before. If ever your curiosity is piqued by a strangely spelled word, it might lead you to new definitions and more additions to your vocabulary. In addition, if you want to expose yourself to even more words, try an online tool like Unscrambled Words that can rearrange the letters you have to work with and form different words. Choose whether you need a word to start with, end with, or contain letters in a certain order and receive lists of different-length words to play in your next game.

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All of these are reasons why playing Scrabble with children is a great idea, as it will develop their language skills at an early age. 

Cognitive Benefits

While your spelling and vocabulary will improve by playing this game, the brain will actually benefit on a much deeper, cognitive level. Scrabble requires concentration and focus, and extended periods of this will inevitably strengthen one’s ability to push through strenuous mental activity. 

1. Memory

The areas of the brain that are the most highly active while playing a game aren’t only the ones associated with language but are also the ones having to do with memory and visual processing. Playing games that exercise the brain increases its capacity for work, making it a more functional organ. 

2. Elderly

Forgetfulness is a common symptom of aging. The parts of the brain associated with memory light up when this game is being played, and it’s been found that it can delay brain degeneration in the elderly. This means that not only does it keep the brain healthy and active for the elderly, but it also pushes back on degenerative brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

3. Children

While it obviously helps with language development, studies show that Scrabble can increase IQ in children. By forcing players to concentrate their minds, it increases one’s capacity for topics that require complex problem-solving skills. This builds strength of mind in children and will empower them to go beyond what’s expected of them. 

Strategy Development

This game requires planning ahead and contemplativeness. It might be easy to put down the first letters you see come together, but in order to win, you have to play the right letters at the right time. Visiting all possibilities of an anagram is necessary. There’s a possibility that adobe could earn you more points than abode. So while you might be anxious to throw down your tiles and get that rush of achievement, one must consider what is best long-term-wise. 

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In order to find all possible spelling options, you have to move around the tiles to see what words you can get. You can get stuck in a rut from staring at the same letters for a long period of time. If you want to get yourself out of it, you have to be open to other perspectives. This is a 

Inspires Creativity

In arts and crafts, you’re crafting decorations and objects. In Scrabble, you’re crafting words. By shuffling letters around, you’re doing more than spelling. You’re creating sounds and patterns in your mind without even realizing it. 

If you decide to practice on your own with a word unscrambler, then you won’t be able to help but to learn new words and all their quirky sounds and spellings. This will give you the language tools you need to say things in more than one way. This is at the core of creative thought.


Much like a work of poetry or fiction, there’s a lot more going on underneath the surface meaning of the words. There are depths that many of us have visited, but never had the language to unlock. This principle applies to the game of Scrabble as well. So next time you sit down for a game, remember the benefits and try to go beyond the basic strategies.  

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