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Interesting Facts About Computers You Probably Didn’t Know

Computers have significantly changed the way of life. The programming, coding, and even applications became a lifesaver with their efficiency in performing tasks that are hard to fathom to the human brain. Probably you’re thinking the day-to-day tasks you do on your computer are the best fun things you could be doing. Thanks to the guide below, you can understand the fun and interesting facts about computers that you aren’t aware of before. Perhaps, I didn’t imagine it could exist.

Stores Most Money 

You would think that most of the global currency is in banks and financial lending institutions. However, that is a far outcry from the truth. Physical money circulating around the globe translates to only about 10% of the total sum. Please try to imagine where the rest is. You are right, the computer. On average, 90% of the global currency storage is in the computers. It comes as no surprise with the increase in money banking and online transactions as more and more people are gradually moving away from cash-only transactions. 

First Mechanical Computer 

Technological advancement in creating portable computers has come along with its early invention. Imagine their fast mechanical computer known as ENIAC weighed 27 tons with 1800 square feet in dimensions- quite bulky. 

Gradually, computer size has evolved to become what we now have; a portable device which you can keep in your bag and be on the move. Additionally, the first 1GB worth of data weighed a whopping 250 kilograms.

Imagine how heavy it was. On the other hand, 1MB worth of storage was the size of your refrigerator; quite laughable. Picture yourself opening your fridge to take your favorite ice-cream bar. The whole unit would make up a mere 1MB. You might find it amusing, but it shows the great strides humanity has come up with in achieving our current milestones. 

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Today, you can conveniently hold 1TB worth of data in your flash drive thanks to the earlier inventions.

Powered by Steam 

Today, you can conveniently turn on your electricity to start up your desktop or computer. At the onset of this great invention, things were quite different. The analytical engine, which was the first computer under Charles Babbage, was run by steam power. It doesn’t end there. Its bulky stature was the size of a house, powered by numerous steam engines.  

There Are Military Monitors 

You might probably think that your typical office computer can perform in the desert under military personnel to run operations. However, the reverse holds. Military operations require high tech computers and LCD monitors which can effectively operate even under extreme temperatures without a hurdle. 

Think of a scenario where it gets 60 degrees Celsius and how hot it can be. For your typical computer, it starts hitting at remote temperature triggers, and you can hear its fan operating vigorously. With expertly-reviewed military monitors on the blog, computers got better. Plus, they also require good keyboard military displays to function effectively.  Additionally, you also have the convenience in tailoring your military monitor depending on your geographical terrain. 

First Computer Programmer was Female

The first computer invention would mainly perform necessary calculations and print its process and results. The four mathematical functions would include addition, multiplication, subtraction, and even division. After the translation of an Italian professor’s theory to English, Ada Lovelace, who was a daughter to world-acclaimed poet Lord Byron, discovered there was so much more. 

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Her discovery fueled the first coding of Bernoulli computation of the analytical engine, which was the first computer. Gradually, we now have codes that programmers can create conveniently at the comfort of their couch. You can also do the same, once you learn its fundamental principles. 

The Wood Mouse

The ease of using your computer mouse is quite impressive. At its invention, the mouse resembled a big box. The founder, Douglas Engelbart, who was an engineer, made it out of wood. 

Debugging Came From It, Quite Literally

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In the modern world, it takes a few skills and tricks to debug your computer. Ideally, it is not as easy as its first invention. In the early 20th century, a US Navy official found a bug when walking on her Mark II computer. Thus, it prevented her from running the system effectively as it should. Its removal from the computer coined the term debugging.

Computers have gradually evolved to become the portable and convenient device you can carry around anywhere and start at the click of a button. Additionally, every gigabyte has 1024 megabytes which translate to the same quantity of kilobytes in megabytes—the fun in numbers. Plus, everything you see on the internet has its storage location in your computer travelling at 6000 kilometres in 0.1 seconds to display it on your screen.

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