Facts About Climate Change You Need To Be Aware Of

The climate is changing, and how knowledgeable are you about it? We see the global temperature rise, warming ocean, glacial retreat, shrinking ice sheet, sea-level rise, and extreme events happening all over the world, and that is because of climate change. Aside from these, you need to know a lot more things to be informed and make a change.

Below are four important facts about climate change that you should be aware of. 

Climate Change Is Happening NOW!

Many people think that climate change is a thing of the future. We don’t realize that we are undergoing all of the side effects now, such as temperature and sea-level changes. According to the experts at The American Leader CO2 levels spiked in the late 1800s and have continued to rise, and it is impacting us faster and sooner than scientists had predicted.

Basic essential needs, such as clean water, food, shelter, and clean air, are also massively affected by climate change. Moreover, migration and population ecosystems are hugely affected because of this dilemma. Climate change is happening now, and it causes damage to our environment, our planet, and our lives. 

It Is Mainly Caused By Humans

Humans are the main cause of climate change. From the continuous use of fossil fuels, damaging the rainforest, and intensive agriculture, we are adding enormous greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gas emissions are the biggest and the most dominant cause of climate change. All of these activities are known to amplify Earth’s natural greenhouse effect. We all know it, and we all know we cause it, but we are not making any effort to fix this. 

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Everyone Is Affected

Climate change is very detrimental to human life, and the impacts are terrifying, such as health-related deaths, the threat to food and water sources, and natural disasters. It is also affecting animals, and most of them are at the risk of extinction. Every year, our planet is losing about five species of animals, and we are entering the “sixth mass extinction.” The diversity of species is vital to our ecosystem, and without them, most of the other ecological groups will not survive too. 

All of these effects are getting harder and harder in the future. It affects not only humans but animals and our habitats too. 

climate change extinction rebellion

We Still Have Time To Act

There is no Planet B, so we should act as soon as possible before things get worse. The good news is we can do something. There are real and doable solutions everyone can take part in. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Switch to renewable resources and save as much as possible
  • Improve your diet with organic food and less meat
  • Avoid single-use plastic
  • Live a minimalist life and own fewer things
  • Lessen your digital footprints
  • Make sustainable investments
  • Walk more instead of using vehicles
  • Protect our forests and plant more trees
  • Join movements and spread knowledge about climate change
  • Donate to environmental organizations or charity that act against climate change

Climate change is the biggest crisis humanity is facing. We already have the facts and solution in front of us, and all we have to do is to act. There is no other Earth, and without it, we don’t have a future. So let’s act now and protect our planet at all costs. 

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