8 Tips On How To Move On A Budget

Relocating can be exciting, especially when you are moving to a place you have longed to reside. However, it also can be stressful when the move is unexpected and beyond your control. Employment changes, rental rates shooting up, and other life’s curveballs can necessitate the relocation when least expected, and money is a bit tight. 

As such, coming up with a plan on how to move on a shoestring budget can make for smooth sailing in what could be a stressful situation. Below are several tips on how you can move on a budget.

1. Get The Moving Cost Estimated

Before you start the relocation, preparations and handle one task after another, you should determine how much the relocation will cost you. How else can you budget when you do not know the much you are to spend and what you have in your wallet? Also, note that not everything will be obvious. Some will take a bit of research to know what to expect and manage to avoid the inevitable hidden costs associated with moving house.

2. Choose Between Hiring A Moving Company And DIY 

While hiring professional moving companies is the best way of having a hustle-free moving experience, it also comes at a cost. It would be best if you considered grabbing the bull by the horns when times are tough, and you must make some spending cuts in your finances to facilitate your relocation and have something left for settling in the new place. The DIY route will have you prepping early to limit the costs and ensure you only focus on the essentials.

3. Borrow A Truck And Recruit Free Help

Reach out to a family member or friend who can loan you their truck. It will help you avoid hiring a rental moving truck. you also can request them to drive the vehicle if you are not comfortable operating a large and loaded truck. And since you are doing away with the professional movers who come with their truck and several able and experienced hands, you should recruit several helping hands for your family or friends who will help with the little packing remaining, loading, and unloading.

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4. Free Moving Boxes And Packing Supplies

You should avoid spending money on packing supplies and moving boxes. You can ask the local grocery store or retail store for boxes they through in the recycling bin. Picks the boxes and check their integrity to ensure they can contain and support the items you will put in them. Also, look around the house for containers and boxes that you can use. File cabinets, plastic tubs, chests of drawers, and dressers can be storage options for miscellaneous items.

5. Consider Renting A Moving Trailer

 If you cannot find a truck to borrow, then you are left with renting one. You can consider hiring a moving trailer if you are moving a short distance in such a situation. The trailers are mostly a cheaper option compared to moving trucks, meaning you can save money. Moreover, the trailers can be a temporary storage option if you need time to unpack things as you sort out a few kinks in the new place. But since this option means coughing up some cash, then do your research and hunt for the best rates and discounts; what you find might surprise you.

6. Downsize And Get Creative With The Packing

With DIY relocation demanding you plan early; you should start planning what you are to take with you and the things you will not need. Downsizing can see you save considerably, but it works best when you decide to be a bit ruthless and sell as much of what you know you do not need as you can. Therefore, sort out your belongings and hold a garage sale. Doing this early enough can see you sell much of what you do not need and have some cash in your pocket for offsetting the moving costs. You can give away whatever remains to charity.

After downsizing, your packing will be lighter, and you can get a bit creative so that you keep the number of boxes at a minimum.  Wrap the fragile items and nest the smaller ones inside the larger ones before placing them in the boxes. Remember to label everything so that it is easy to identify with boxes needing extra care when loading and unloading. It would be best if you designated an “Open Me First” box in which you will put all the essentials you need within the first few hours of arrival and settling in the new place. It helps ease your transition.

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7. Do Not Overbuy For The New Home

Moving on a budget means you will freeze your spending in some areas to cover others. The new place’s excitement and the many possibilities of personalizing it and making it feel welcoming can have you spending on things that you can do later. Therefore, focus on only what you need at the new house. Do not go all-out mental on how to decorate the space until you live in it and have a solid idea of what to add. The less you buy before you get there, the more cash you can save to add to your budget, and the fewer things you will have to pack and move on the moving day.

8. Avoid The Moving Season

People often move in the summer, and there is a reason for this – the weather is perfect and accommodative. But it also means the prices for some of the relocation services and other necessary things will be higher during that period. Therefore, consider moving in the off-season if you are on a tight budget. While doing this might take a little more planning and time, the benefits are substantial. 

For starters, professional movers are actively searching for business during the off-season. Thus, you have an opportunity to look for the best rates and deals because it is the time of the year when moving companies need you, not the other way around. Moreover, your friends and family are likely to be available to help you relocate during the off-season than in the summer when they have other plans.

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