What You Should Know About Cryptocurrency

We’ve all heard of this new digital asset called “cryptocurrency,” which, as evident from the name, is the digital form of real-life currency. Those who haven’t heard of it are familiar with the term “Bitcoin”. With its rising popularity over the last few years, a few really understand how this new currency works or what they can do with it. This digital asset uses an online ledger to secure transactions with cryptography, and the currencies in this medium have no rules or obligations, meaning they’re not controlled by anyone. Most of the interest in this unregulated currency system stems from the desire to exchange profit, and sometimes, speculators raise the prices sky-high! If you are considering investing in this cryptocurrency, here is what you should know about it.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that represents an intangible digital currency that is encrypted very securely by cryptography as explained above. Cryptography is designed to establish safe creation for new units of currencies and to verify online cryptocurrency transactions. The purpose behind this technology was to create a decentralized medium of trading that is free of central authorities and financial institutions. Now, you may only be familiar with Bitcoin as the most popular cryptocurrency, however, it’s not the only one out there. Other examples of cryptocurrency include Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. 


What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to receive global public attention. This currency supports open-source technologies that exchange digital information directly between computer networks without processing the data through a centralized server. It became available for public use in 2009, and until 2016, getting Bitcoin units was the ultimate goal for anyone dabbling in the UK crypto market. However, in 2016, Ethereum was introduced to the market, and it managed to gain as much attention. In comparison, Ethereum and Bitcoin tend to be a lot more unstable than other fiat currencies. This is because, unlike digital currencies, fiat currencies are controlled and maintained by the government.

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Can you Use Cryptocurrencies to Buy and Invest?

Well, yes, in a way. While cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase products and services, and even invest in some regions, they are not proclaimed as legal tender in the United States. They can be used like physical currencies, but they have no physical form, and most of these currencies are not backed by a legal entity or any form of government. The currency exchange process of cryptocurrency is not provisioned by a central bank, and therefore, users are able to perform daily transactions without the involvement of any middlemen. For this reason, some counters ban the use of these currencies completely, while others only restrict it with strong provision.

For most of us keeping up with the latest investment opportunities, the idea of replacing traditional physical currencies sure is intriguing. It’s safe to say that soon enough, digital currencies like Bitcoin will dominate the market and change the trading dynamics around the world. It’s all part of the digital transformation taking over today’s platforms to provide easier, more secure transactions.

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