Relocating A Business – How To Minimize Problems

Many entrepreneurs start their business from their own homes or hire a small office space that is only big enough for them and another employee (if you are lucky enough). So, when business starts to pick up and your business is making more money and you can expand, it may be time for you to find another office space that can accommodate such growth.

Relocating, however, can be difficult and cause a lot of hassle. Not only are you having to find the perfect office space, but you also need to account for taking time off work to move all your equipment and setting it all back up again. Plus, you may also need to speak to employees and ask whether the new location works for them. If you are traveling between states and making a huge location change, this may impact their ability to work for your company!

For example, you might even need to form a foreign LLC if you’re moving your business into another state and so on. You can check out website for some guides on your business formation and various LLC guidelines in all 50 states.

Looking to relocate your business? Here’s a guide to help you!

01. Find an Office Ahead of Time

While this may sound obvious, you will want to ensure that you find an office before you set a moving date. And once you have found an office, you will then need to make sure all the paperwork is signed and agreed on, and that you have a date to obtain the keys and start moving your office equipment and furniture in. 

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Shopping for a new office, however, can be tedious. So, be sure to find an estate agent who specializes in offices so that they can show you the best properties around. Plus, they will know the best locations for offices and can help you find one that may suit your commute or has required amenities nearby such as cafes or eateries. 

02. Ensure the New Office Has Everything

Make a checklist so that your new office has everything. While this may seem overkill when all you think you need is plug sockets, enough space to sit, a rest room, and a kitchen, you should also consider other important details like:

  • Employee and client parking
  • Easy public transport links
  • An outdoor space
  • A good-sized, working kitchen
  • Security measures
  • Located in a safe environment

You will be spending a lot of time at the office, so ensuring that you and your employees will be happy, well, and feel safe is an important factor. Spending a bit more on rent so that your office is located in a nicer neighborhood could be worthwhile if it means your office looks more desirable to visiting clients but also lessens the risk of your office being robbed. 

03. Have Company Cars Transported between New Offices

Do you have numerous company cars? Even if you only have one company car to move, this can cause some hassle. Therefore, you should look at hiring a professional car moving company to move your vehicle from your old office to your new one if it is required – click here for more information. 

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Office moves can be tedious, but they can also be an exciting time for you. Not only is your business seeing enough success to require a larger or nicer office, but it is also a new environment that you can transform into a cool office space that allows you and your workers to thrive!

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