The Usual Safety Hazards Found In Workplaces And How To Deal With Them

Ever worked in a company with robust safety systems? If yes, you know the confidence it brings as you work. Many employees working under such conditions find themselves having much confidence and passion in what they do. A company, therefore, experiences a boost in productivity levels. With safety, comes the benefit of customer retention and this is the desire of every management.

Creating a safe workplace means the same as dealing with safety hazards. Look for ways as a manager to eliminate the common risks your workers are facing. This is through the laying down of suitable mechanisms to curb these threats. Derive this from the accident reports at the company. Highlight the common causes and start laying mitigation strategies.

There are common safety hazards that firms face such as electricity accidents and machine failure. It is for every manager to find suitable approaches to shield everyone from them. Additionally, there are specific ones that are characteristic of your industry type. For instance, as a company in chemical production, leakage of gas and chemicals is on the list of such hazards. The good news is that it’s possible to make your workplace safe for everyone. Here’s how.

01. Electrical Accidents

Electrical accidents are classified among the major risks which companies face. They are typically brought about by unprotected contact with an outlet of power. Most of these electrical lines are under high voltage as this is what makes them life-threatening. Going by the statistics in America, the 300 deaths and 4000 injuries every year trace back to electrical accidents. These figures show how workplaces are struggling with these accidents.

It is significant to understand the different types of electrical accidents. This makes it easier to plan on the remedies. The three major classifications are; electrical shocks, fires, and burns. The electrical shocks happen when the current runs through the body of a person. For the shortest time possible, the effects are major such as respiratory and heart failures. These shocks act as the precursor to electrical burns. This is from the duration of the flow of current.

The fires on the other hand are a risk when the high-voltage wire makes contact with materials termed as flammable. This includes fuels, cotton, and wooden structures. Companies are encouraged to find suitable ways of storing highly flammable products at safe warehouses. If possible, they can be kept in separate buildings. It may prevent much loss when a fire outbreak occurs.

In case of an accident, there are specific things to observe. One of them is not touching the victim with naked hands. Also, refrain from treating burns or blisters without medical guidance. It is common to see people rubbing some ointment on the victim which may bring further problems. This is where your company’s doctor comes in.

Preventative measures include checking the availability of any uncovered wires at the place of work. This should focus on the broken cords as well. The other effective way to this is avoiding the use of faulty electrical appliances as they can cause shock. Every worker needs to have all the necessary protective gear. This is an efficient way of dealing with electrical accidents thus a company’s management needs to avail as many pieces as possible.

02. The Chemical Spillage

Chemical accidents are safety hazards many production companies experience. This happens mostly at the firms which handle dangerous chemicals. Toxic chemicals hamper the well-being of workers especially when the right protective measures are not availed. The hazardous substances are normally classified under different groups based on the harm they bring.

Corrosives are chemicals such as hydrochloric acids which mainly bring huge burning effects to the surfaces. In high concentrations, their intensity of damage becomes more. The handling equipment needs to be much perfect to reduce the chances of leakage. The other group which brings instance reactions to the body includes the sensitizers which cause an allergic reaction in the body. A good example is isocyanate compounds.

Some chemicals induce a long-term effect on the body of a worker. The likes of mutagens, carcinogens, and teratogens are in this category. Asbestos particles trigger the development of malignant tissues in the cells. This is a common cause of cancer. On the other hand, benzene chemicals lay in the group of mutagens where they bring about a mutation in genes. Also, they cause the chromosomes to get damaged.

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The chemicals enter the body of employees through inhalation, ingestion, direct skin contact, or injection. This is why developing wounds at such workplaces ought to be handled by professional medics. They can stop the chemicals from fully entering the body.

Despite all these risks, there are specific strategies that can be laid to counteract the chemical accidents. The best point to stay is engaging in proper training on how to conduct themselves. A lot of errors can be curbed through this. providing them with protecting gears is fundamental in ensuring no contact with the chemicals when a spillage occurs. Go beyond this by providing them with instructions on the proper wearing procedures.

As a manager, come up with a better work roaster for the different operations. This is where you allocate staff an equal number of working hours. This helps in reducing the overexposure of the chemicals at the individual level. Daily, do proper monitoring of the level of safety at the various departments. With the information, you may come up with a better decision on enhancing safety. This is by repositioning the equipment to create safer distances between the operators and machines.

03. Fire Threats

Companies are run through processes that are well-planned to achieve specific outcomes. Under each stage, certain guidelines show every requirement and procedure to be followed. In most cases, proper consideration of the risks involved is done. Since fires are common examples of such risks, companies strive to organize the supplies and machinery in the best way. This aims at lowering the chances of accidents occurring.

This makes companies have building structures that allow proper handling of fire outbreaks. State laws are candid on why every commercial place needs to have proper fire emergency response measures. In Massachusetts, this is the same case. Some regulations emphasize the installation of emergency doors in various rooms. Such entry points allow quick evacuation of persons in a building as they run for safety.

If you ever sustain burns at your workplace in Boston for instance, consider seeking justice. This is especially when there is a lack of necessary safety systems such as fire extinguishers which would have protected you against the risk. There are professional law firms that specialize in workers’ compensation law. They handle lawsuits on the work accidents in Boston Massachusetts. Since options may be available on the law companies, always aim at picking the top-rated ones. Most of them normally understand every part of the state laws.

04. Workplace Harassment

Every employee regardless of his or her gender, age, tribe, nationality, or religion needs not to be discriminated against in any way. As a worker, know about your responsibilities and rights. It makes you know when you are being discriminated against. During your free time, find the legal documents which enshrine the right of workers in your industry.

The law is clear on how workers need to be handled at the commercial level. This includes the right to be notified before being relieved of the duties. Emergency leaves must be provided when an urgent need arises in the personal sphere of an employee. An infringement against these rights can be termed as discriminative and this is not allowed.

Workplace harassment encompasses many things such as bullying. Any demeaning action against you falls in this category. Be it being downplayed due to your new arrival at the firm or being provoked due to the skin color or place of origin. You need to stand against such persons and arraign the involved parties in court. If there is some conduct of other persons which are bringing negative psychological impacts on you, be quick to underline it as harassment.

Sexual insult is another major form of abuse that workers go through in their daily activities. This is most common when it comes to women. Most statistics show that women are twice more likely to be sexually assaulted as compared to male workers. The right thing to do is keep all the evidence you have before taking the legal step. Such substantial information adds weight to your case.

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From the company’s side, the business culture is the best tool to deal with workers’ abuse and discrimination. There ought to be clear guidelines on codes of conduct by everyone. It gives a sense of security to all as you know what is prohibited by the company. For the message to reach home, any slight misconduct should lead to an automatic termination from the job position. Let this be detailed in the worker’s contracts.

05. Injuries from Machinery and Tools

At most companies, machines are the engines on which the operations rely on. With the usage of such equipment, there are risks of injuries. The accidents are mostly brought by the mechanical failure of machines or personal errors. Any firm needs to have proper training programs for the employees.

The recruits normally require a thorough introduction to their jobs to ensure they know how things work. It brings proper operation of machinery and tools. Possibilities of accident-causing actions are reduced greatly. Through your occasional meetings, preach the message on safety precautions even when there are no accidents lately.

As you procure pieces of machinery and work tools, do a total inspection. This makes you get items that are safe for the operators. Despite the warranties being provided, purpose to acquire the best equipment you can. This is because for major accidents no compensation can equal the loss.

You can temporarily hire professionals on specific types of machines. Be sure of not going wrong with the selection as they know which elements to focus on. They sometimes offer suggestions on the products they are sure of. Therefore, it results in you making the right selection.

06. Workplace Theft


In this type of theft, an employee is the fault-party. To be precise, workplace theft arises when a worker steals from the company which can be through cash or non-cash means. Most of the actions are done as a justification for not getting the right remuneration. Other staff engage in such acts as a way of compensating for the unfavorable working conditions.

In most cases, taking cash can be detectable especially when the management is accurate with the accounts. This makes the non-cash option their natural alternative. This is where you find stationery, office appliances, and consumables missing. It translates to a higher operation cost by the company through more expenses in the procurement of merchandise.

As a manager, an easy way to curb this is through proper follow-up on the daily supplies. You can have a record of the resources utilized, remained, and restocked. Investing in accounting software is essential as the records are shared across the chosen persons. Also, consider limiting the use of cash in the payments. Plastic money is easy to trace as transaction history bares it all.

These days, we have more modern payment methods. If you are an online business, make everything be handled online. This allows the customers to make the payments in more safe and easy ways. Think of PayPal for instance, the business account allows the customers to make quick transactions.

Focus on the expense reimbursements. There are times when workers utilize their resources in the course of their work. This is something companies encourage and do refunds later on. Such situations when not taken care of can bring loss to the firm. An employee may be inclined to inflate the figures to gain more.

It is paramount for every manager of a company to avail the best conditions for the business’s success. Dealing with the major challenges in daily operations is one way. Upholding worker’s protection is one thing to focus on highly. It creates motivation for the whole team. There are different safety hazards that companies normally face such as electrical and fire accidents. It is necessary to be aware of all and learn of their triggers. From this awareness, lay the right mitigation processes.

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